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Sei Blockchain’s Upcoming V2 Upgrade: EVM Integration and Enhanced Performance

Sei Labs, the trading-focused Layer 1 blockchain, is gearing up for its version 2 (V2) upgrade, bringing forth significant enhancements, including the integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This strategic move allows developers to seamlessly migrate Ethereum-based contracts onto the Sei network, expanding its capabilities and appeal to a broader developer base.


EVM Integration Through Geth:

In its upcoming V2 upgrade, Sei will incorporate Geth, a Go implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, as part of its efforts to support EVM. Geth, being the most widely used Ethereum client software, will facilitate the porting of Ethereum-based contracts onto the Sei network. Sei Labs emphasized the development of a specialized interface to enable smooth interaction between Sei’s existing smart contracts component, based on CosmWasm technology, and the newly integrated EVM component.


Additive Changes and Cross-Virtual Machine Interaction:

The Sei V2 upgrade is described as an additive change, preserving existing components such as CosmWasm, the technology underpinning Sei’s smart contracts. Jay Jog, co-founder at Sei Labs, highlighted that the proposed modification enables different virtual machines to interact with each other. This groundbreaking feature positions Sei V2 as the first network where EVM and CosmWasm contracts can seamlessly call each other, fostering interoperability and versatility.


Sei’s Evolution and Development Goals:

Since its V1 launch in August, Sei has been operational on the mainnet beta, supporting Cosmos smart contracts written in Rust. The V2 upgrade aims to diversify its developer base by introducing fully parallelized EVM-compatible layers with sub-second finality, significantly enhancing transaction confirmation speeds. The development aligns with Sei’s commitment to providing an optimized environment for trading.


SeiDB Introduction for Enhanced Storage:

In addition to EVM support, Sei V2 introduces SeiDB, a novel data structure designed to optimize the platform’s storage layer. SeiDB addresses concerns related to state bloat, preventing the network from becoming excessively data-heavy. The introduction of SeiDB simplifies the state synchronization process for new nodes, contributing to improved overall performance and scalability of the Sei blockchain.


Upgrade Progress and Security Assurance:

As the Sei V2 upgrade nears completion from a code development perspective, the team is diligently subjecting it to a rigorous audit process to ensure robust security measures. The public testnet release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, followed by the mainnet deployment in the first half of the year.


Sei’s Position in the Blockchain Landscape:

Sei, a Cosmos SDK-based proof-of-stake blockchain, stands out in the blockchain landscape with its focus on trading optimization, executing sub-second blocks. In April 2023, Sei Labs successfully secured $30 million in strategic funding from venture firms, including Jump and Multicoin Capital. Positioned as a fast decentralized trading platform, Sei competes in a niche market alongside other Cosmos chains such as Osmosis, Kava, Injective, Neutron, and Kujira.



Sei’s V2 upgrade marks a pivotal moment in the blockchain’s evolution, with the integration of EVM and the introduction of SeiDB to enhance storage capabilities. The commitment to speed, security, and interoperability positions Sei as a formidable player in the competitive landscape of blockchain networks catering to trading functionalities. As the upgrade progresses through testing and deployment phases, Sei is poised to make a significant impact on decentralized trading platforms.

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