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Santa Cruz County Launches Groundbreaking Digital Wallet for Government Services

In a groundbreaking move towards digital innovation, Santa Cruz County has forged a partnership with Southern California-based app developer HUMBL to introduce a digital wallet program. The mobile app leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions, enabling residents to apply for RV permits effortlessly. This collaboration reflects a broader trend among municipalities seeking ways to enhance service accessibility, digitize records, and better serve constituents without the need for physical visits to government offices.


Mobile App Revolution:

Earlier this year, the county board of supervisors sanctioned the use of mobile “digital wallets,” facilitating residents’ interaction with various government services through their smartphones. The strategic partnership with HUMBL, a San Diego-based tech company, received approval from the supervisors. This endorsement followed the acceptance of HUMBL’s proposal to develop the digital wallet program at no cost to the county, a commitment aimed at advancing digital service capabilities.


HUMBL’s Contribution and Security Measures:

HUMBL, known for its tech expertise, is spearheading the development of the digital wallet program, ensuring residents can seamlessly apply for RV permits through the mobile app. The company emphasizes its commitment to security, clarifying that it will not have access to residents’ financial information during the transactions. This security assurance is paramount as blockchain technology is integrated to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of these digital interactions.


Expanding Digital Wallet Utility:

While the initial focus is on RV permits, the county envisions expanding the digital wallet utility to encompass diverse services, such as building permits, bicycle registrations, and park spot reservations. This forward-looking approach aligns with a broader trend in municipal governance, emphasizing the adoption of digital solutions to enhance efficiency and accessibility.


Government Services in Your Pocket:

Santa Cruz County’s digital wallet initiative responds to the growing trend of making government services more accessible, eliminating the need for physical visits. The MySCCounty+ app, available on both Android and Apple platforms, represents a significant upgrade from the county’s existing app. Residents can now not only register to vote, report issues like potholes, and access restaurant inspections but also purchase and store permits seamlessly through this comprehensive digital platform.

National Pioneers in Digital Wallet Launch:

HUMBL executives believe that Santa Cruz County’s initiative marks a pioneering effort, positioning it as the first major county in the U.S. to launch a comprehensive digital wallet. This milestone showcases the county’s commitment to embracing technological advancements and streamlining administrative processes for the benefit of its residents.

Legislative Backing and Future Possibilities:

The digital wallet launch aligns with legislative changes, including Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signing of a bill in September 2022. This legislation enables county governments to issue vital records digitally, using verifiable credentials stored in digital wallets and secured by blockchain technology. As the digital landscape evolves, the potential for further innovations and expanded services within Santa Cruz County’s digital ecosystem remains promising.



Santa Cruz County’s collaboration with HUMBL to introduce a blockchain-backed digital wallet represents a transformative step in modernizing government services. The ability to apply for RV permits through a secure mobile app sets the stage for a broader digital future, where residents can access an array of services conveniently. As Santa Cruz County emerges as a national pioneer in launching a comprehensive digital wallet, the initiative holds the promise of enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and the overall experience of interacting with government services.

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