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SettleMint Elevates KBC’s Bolero Crowdfunding: A Blockchain-Powered Transformation

SettleMint, the Blockchain Transformation Company, proudly announces its pivotal role in fortifying KBC’s Bolero Crowdfunding platform with blockchain technology.


Bolero Crowdfunding: Pioneering Innovation in Finance


Launched in 2014, Bolero Crowdfunding established KBC as the inaugural bank insurer and online broker to introduce a crowdfunding platform. In a recent collaboration with SettleMint, KBC has undertaken a significant overhaul of the platform, strategically integrating blockchain capabilities to enhance both efficiency and scalability.


Blockchain Integration Objectives: Optimizing Bolero Crowdfunding


KBC’s objective was to infuse blockchain technology into Bolero Crowdfunding, forming a crucial aspect of their optimization strategy that involved asset tokenization. The collaborative efforts of SettleMint and KBC have materialized this vision, utilizing SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform’s full-stack capabilities to construct and seamlessly integrate the blockchain-enabled Bolero Crowdfunding platform.


Matthew Van Niekerk, CEO and Co-Founder of SettleMint, expressed pride in supporting KBC’s ongoing innovation. He highlighted the transformation of Bolero Crowdfunding from a web2 to a blockchain-enabled platform, citing its alignment with various blockchain initiatives initiated by KBC.


Advanced Smart Contracts: Enhancing Flexibility and Functionality


A significant aspect of this upgrade involved the customization of the EIP-2535 Diamond Standard smart contract template from SettleMint’s platform. This customization aimed at offering heightened flexibility compared to other smart contract standards. The smart contract template serves two primary purposes: enabling the creation of tokenized bonds and facilitating atomic swaps for seamless cross-chain investments and coupon payments.


Steven Van de Sype, Commercial Director, Bolero’s Perspective


Steven Van de Sype, Commercial Director at Bolero, emphasized the integration of blockchain technology into the Bolero Crowdfunding platform as part of an optimization strategy. This strategy, he explained, brings mutual benefits to entrepreneurs and investors. SettleMint played a pivotal role in enabling this transformation, seamlessly integrating blockchain capabilities into existing workflows and systems. Van de Sype also highlighted the integration of KBC’s stable coin capabilities into the Bolero Crowdfunding platform, ensuring both the cash and securities legs of transactions are on chain for maximum efficiency gains.


In conclusion, SettleMint’s collaboration with KBC marks a significant milestone in the evolution of financial platforms. The integration of blockchain technology into Bolero Crowdfunding reflects a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and scalability, setting a new standard for the intersection of traditional finance and blockchain advancements.

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