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Societe Generale Forges Ahead with Digital Green Bond on Ethereum Blockchain

In a significant stride towards advancing its expertise in crypto services, Societe Generale, France’s third-largest listed bank, announced on Monday the issuance of its inaugural digital green bond on a public blockchain. This move underscores the bank’s commitment to exploring and leveraging blockchain technology within the financial landscape.


Pioneering Digital Green Bond Transaction:

Societe Generale revealed the issuance of 10 million euros ($10.87 million) worth of senior preferred unsecured bonds with a 3-year maturity. The bank emphasized its foray into the realm of blockchain-based financial instruments, positioning itself at the forefront of technological innovation within the banking sector.


Investment Giants Subscribe to Security Tokens:

AXA Investment Managers, the investment arm of France’s leading insurance company AXA, and Generali Investments, the equivalent arm for Italian insurer Generali, fully subscribed to the associated security tokens through a private placement. This strategic move signals growing interest and endorsement from established players in the financial industry.


Blockchain’s Role in Financial Efficiency:

Blockchain, a digital ledger capturing token ownership, has garnered attention for its potential to enhance trading efficiency and transparency. While its primary application has been in the realm of cryptocurrencies, financial institutions are increasingly venturing into the development of tokenized securities, also known as security tokens or digital assets.


Tokenized Securities: Bridging Traditional and Blockchain Assets:

Banks are actively investing in the creation of blockchain-based tokens representing ownership of conventional financial assets like bonds. Societe Generale’s digital green bond issuance aligns with this trend, exemplifying the bridge between traditional financial instruments and the emerging landscape of blockchain-powered assets.


Green Bonds for Environmental Impact:

Proceeds from green bonds, including Societe Generale’s recent issuance, are earmarked for projects or activities with positive environmental outcomes, such as investments in renewable energy and low-carbon transportation. This demonstrates a commitment to utilizing blockchain technology for socially responsible and sustainable financial initiatives.


AXA IM’s Investment in Digital Green Bond:

AXA Investment Managers demonstrated confidence in Societe Generale’s digital green bond by investing through the acquisition and expenditure of 5 million euros in SocGen’s euro-denominated stablecoin, EUR CoinVertible (EURCV). This transaction not only showcases the integration of traditional financial instruments with blockchain but also highlights the use of stablecoins in such innovative financial endeavors.


Ethereum-Powered Blockchain Bond Issuance:

Societe Generale conducted its bond issuance on the Ethereum public blockchain, marking a notable departure from traditional methods. This signifies a strategic move towards embracing decentralized and transparent platforms for financial transactions. The bank’s crypto unit, Forge, facilitated the digital green bond issuance, solidifying Societe Generale’s commitment to the convergence of finance and blockchain technology.



Societe Generale’s foray into the issuance of a digital green bond on a public blockchain exemplifies a bold step towards the future of finance. With major players in the industry subscribing to security tokens and the adoption of blockchain technology for traditional financial assets, the bank positions itself as a pioneer in the evolving landscape of digital finance. The integration of environmentally conscious initiatives further underscores the potential of blockchain to drive socially responsible financial practices.

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