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Market NewsJanuary 16, 2024 by Kelly Cromley

Solana Mobile Set to Launch Affordable Successor to Saga with Enhanced Features

Solana Mobile, a prominent player in the blockchain smartphone industry, is gearing up for the release of its second smartphone, poised to build on the triumph of its predecessor, Saga. The forthcoming device is expected to mirror many of Saga’s distinctive features, such as an integrated crypto wallet and tailor-made Android software, all while being offered at a more budget-friendly price point.

Success of Saga and Market Impact:

The initial release of Saga, initially priced at $1,000 but later discounted to $599, witnessed rapid sellouts, propelled by its innovative offerings. The incorporation of a crypto wallet and seamless compatibility with Web3 applications proved to be compelling features, attracting a substantial consumer base. Notably, the demand for Saga in the secondary market has only intensified since its initial launch.


The triumph of Saga also catalyzed the rise in popularity of BONK, a meme coin anchored on the Solana blockchain. A strategic airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens to each Saga phone holder on Christmas Day 2022 significantly elevated the token’s value, consequently amplifying the allure of Saga phones among investors and consumers alike.


SOL Developers’ Strategic Moves:

Encouraged by the success of the BONK airdrop, SOL developers are currently in the exploration phase of crafting additional web3 applications and contemplating the possibility of allocating more tokens to device owners. These strategic maneuvers are anticipated to fortify and expand the ecosystem surrounding Solana Mobile’s blockchain smartphones.


Current SOL Price and Future Outlook:

As of now, the SOL price is trading at $97.31, experiencing a decline from its December peak of $126.42. Despite the current dip, there is potential for a rebound. The optimistic developments within the SOL ecosystem, fueled by the heightened demand for Saga phones and the planned expansion of web3 applications, are poised to exert a favorable influence on the SOL price in the foreseeable future.



In summary, Solana Mobile’s imminent launch of an affordable blockchain smartphone represents a strategic move to provide users with features akin to its highly successful predecessor, Saga, at a more accessible price point. The triumph of Saga and the escalating demand for Solana’s blockchain phones signal a promising trajectory for the company and its broader ecosystem.

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