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Starknet’s “Quantum Leap” Upgrade Enhances Ethereum Blockchain’s Performance

Starknet, a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, has successfully implemented its “Quantum Leap” upgrade, aiming to enhance the blockchain’s transaction speed and reduce confirmation times. Deployed earlier this week, the upgrade has shown promising results during testing on the Goerli testnet.

The deployment of Quantum Leap on the Goerli testnet was followed by a community vote, in which an overwhelming 97.91% of voters expressed their agreement to proceed with the upgrade on the mainnet.

The StarkWare team, responsible for the development of the Starknet blockchain, reported that the transactions per second (TPS) reached a peak of 90 during testing, with a consistent TPS of 37. This comes in line with StarkWare’s earlier statement to CoinDesk that TPS would increase to triple digits after the implementation of Quantum Leap.

StarkWare CEO Uri Kolodny acknowledged that the current performance fell slightly short of their expectations. He stated, “We mentioned that this upgrade had the potential to achieve hundreds of TPS within Q3, and we were only hoping to validate this during the stress test. Even a few dozen TPS at this early stage would have left us excited, but we received more than anticipated.”

Increased Transaction Speeds and Reduced Confirmation Times with Starknet’s Layer 2 Upgrade

Furthermore, the time-to-inclusion, which refers to the duration required to confirm and record a transaction, was approximately 10 seconds, which was higher than anticipated by the team.

Kolodny emphasized the significance of these numbers, stating, “The results are self-evident. They serve as an invitation to developers worldwide to test the network’s capabilities, regardless of their location.”

According to the roadmap outlined by the Starknet project, additional upgrades are planned for later this year. These future enhancements aim to further increase scalability by reducing transaction fees and shortening block intervals on the blockchain.

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