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SupraOracles Unveils Alpha Testnet on Seven Blockchains

SupraOracles is enhancing oracles for a decentralized, better future. Blockchains need off-chain data that is better, quicker, more accurate, and more secure. SupraOracles offers a cross-chain oracle solution of the next generation to improve the performance of smart contracts and blockchain applications.

SupraOracle’s unique technological breakthrough, the result of over five years of study and hundreds of hours of R&D and simulations, aids in resolving the oracle conundrum and enhancing performance across the board.

The team’s academic attitude serves as the organization’s foundation and supports their dedication to extensive study and a rigorous scientific procedure in everything that they develop and do.

Today, SupraOracles announces the formal launch of their alpha testnet as they continue to expose their expanding technological stack. SupraOracles establishes a new benchmark for the oracle market by offering auditable and precise streaming data feeds with two to five second precision.

SupraOracles has obtained gas subsidies and assistance from seven large chains in preparation for its alpha testnet. SupraOracles alpha testnet is presently broadcasting oracle data to seven major blockchains’ testing environments every minute, including varied layer one and layer two data.

Following their oracle service will be their private VRF (verifiable random function) service, which employs new encryption to assure unbiased, privacy-preserving, fair randomness generation to power NFTs, GameFi, and other applications. Node operators who are interested in participating in the incentive-based beta testnet should communicate through Discord.

Today, developers may examine installations on seven major blockchains to use SupraOracles: Aptos, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon. In the next months, other ecosystems will be supported, including but not limited to Algorand, Fantom, Harmony, ImmutableX, Moonbeam, Solana, StarkWare, and Sui.

SupraOracles encourages developers from any of these ecosystems to review the most recent documentation and begin integrating immediately. Large rewards await the most enthusiastic players.

The journey to Supra mainnet has begun. SupraOracles collaborates with accelerators like as Brinc and Plug and Play to offer its SNAP (Supra Network Activation Program) credits to cutting-edge blockchain initiatives. Once SupraOracles becomes live on the mainnet, SNAP Partners will get up to two years’ worth of oracle and VRF/RNG cost complementarity.

SNAP intends to make it easier for potential Web 3.0 applications to acquire scale. There are also additional advantageous incentive packages beyond the first discount time. Due to the tremendous demand for SNAP, apply here before all available spaces are filled (acceptance into the program is not guaranteed).

As the build-up to the mainnet’s climax continues, join Supra’s Discord to be the first to get the newest information and to communicate directly with the team. This will also allow you to stay abreast of the regular drops that will be occurring as the mainnet’s crescendo continues.

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