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Telefónica and Adwatch Employ Blockchain to Counter Digital Ad Forgery

Adwatch has depended on Telefónica Tech to improve the confidence and trustworthiness of the audience analytics of its monitoring solution for digital marketing efforts. The deal between the two firms calls for the integration of TrustOS, the Blockchain-driven certification system created by Telefónica Tech, into the Adwatch application in order to transform the measurements into independent, immutable digital proof that can be utilized in court. Thus, the advertiser gets complete control and transparency, allowing them to analyze their programs accurately and maximize their marketing expenditure.

As a consequence of the collaboration, both organizations are encouraging the development of an independent appraisal certification that ensures third parties the openness of digital marketing campaign metrics. With this impartial and demonstrable seal, organizations, publishing houses, and advertising companies offer the data in real-time with the same evidentiary potential as if they were authorized by a qualified trust service provider within the infrastructure of the European Union’s eIDAS legislation, which governs electronic recognition and trust facilities in electronic trades between citizens and businesses within the domestic markets.

The introduction of technology like Blockchain aids the advertising sector in providing safety and transparency as well as combating infamous ad scams. This forgery stems from the disparity between the planned ad impressions and those actually delivered, both in terms of number (not all contractual advertising is delivered) and ad features (modified or printed in scenarios different from those signed up).

Adwatch utilizes Blockchain technology in its promotional tracking system to ensure, from origin to final destination, that the advertisement has not been tampered with, providing complete advertisement traceability for every impression served and counting only the ones that conform to the advertisement as given by the marketer.

Audience data are stored on the blockchain and authenticated in real-time, enabling active engagement in the discovery of possible fraudulent activity and impartial tracking of campaign efficacy without reliance on third-party inputs. Furthermore, kudos to the factual potential of the proof documented by TrustOS, the metrics obtain a unique value for advertising companies, as they will be capable of monitoring the entire route of the ad regardless of where it is displayed or the number of times, gain a better understanding of their viewer and rest assured that their money invested is secure.

This service enables marketers to boost the effectiveness of their ads by 20% for the same expenditure and reduces carbon emissions since the improved efficiency of marketing campaigns necessitates the purchase of lesser impressions to achieve the same effect.

Adwatch’s chief executive officer, José Luis Casado, stated, “Blockchain technology is destined to remain, and only this type of collection of innovative technologies can give the monitoring that internet marketing requires, rendering us a genuine partner of confidence.”

Marta Belmonte, director of innovative products for digital marketing at Telefónica Tech, stated, “Blockchain technology enables us to provide our customers with verified audience information from their promotions, enabling them to take more informed advertising budget allocation choices. The connectivity of our TrustOS solution with Adwatch’s innovation illustrates how Blockchain can fix real issues in commercial partnerships, including ad fraud, and strengthens our tactic of depending on customized partners to offer disruptive alternatives that revolutionize very diverse economic areas, including the agri-food sector and, in this particular instance, digital marketing”.


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