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Telefónica and ONCE Collaborate to Enhance Accessibility in Immersive Experiences

In a significant move towards fostering accessibility and inclusivity, Telefónica and ONCE have joined forces with a shared mission to collaboratively enhance immersive experiences for individuals with visual impairments across Telefónica’s products and services that utilize such technology.


A Holistic Approach to Collaboration: Bringing Accessibility to the Forefront


Telefónica and ONCE are set to collaborate in embedding accessibility into the methodology for constructing products and services. This partnership extends to the research endeavors within Telefónica’s Web3 and metaverse area. The overarching goal is to integrate accessibility seamlessly into the development process, ensuring that immersive experiences cater to the diverse needs of users, including those with visual impairments.


Three Strategic Focus Areas: Enhancing Movistar Immersive Experience


The collaborative efforts will be concentrated in three key areas. First and foremost, the partnership aims to enhance the accessibility of Movistar Immersive Experience, a virtual world that offers an innovative way of engaging with the Movistar ecosystem. Users can play games, access unique audiovisual content, and explore information about Telefónica’s products and services. Real users will play a pivotal role in testing these experiences, providing direct feedback to refine the accessibility features and value proposition.


Accessibility in Virtual Reality: Understanding User Experiences


The second focus area involves research on accessibility in virtual reality (VR) experiences. The collaboration seeks to comprehensively understand the user experience of individuals with blindness and low vision when using VR services and products. Initiatives include incorporating more inclusive and accessible profiles, integrating design principles for creating inclusive experiences, and organizing accessibility workshops that involve individuals with visual impairments from the early stages of product or service development.


Leveraging AI for Enhanced Accessibility: The Third Avenue of Collaboration


The third dimension of collaboration revolves around the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver more accessible experiences. AI serves as a crucial tool in addressing communication, mobility, and information access for individuals with disabilities. The partnership will explore the development of AI-based technology for automatic visual description, interaction with three-dimensional images, description of image segments, and interaction with visual questions, ultimately improving accessibility for those with blindness or low vision.


A Catalyst for Inclusive Innovation: ONCE Innova’s Role


This collaborative endeavor aligns with the initiatives of ONCE Innova, the innovation laboratory of ONCE, which is dedicated to collaborative work and creating spaces for exchange to drive inclusive innovation and knowledge development in new technologies.


Insights from Telefónica’s Chief Metaverse Officer:


Yaiza Rubio, Chief Metaverse Officer of Telefónica, emphasized the company’s commitment to developing products and services that serve people. The collaboration with ONCE is envisioned to extend the reach of Telefónica’s offerings to visually impaired individuals, ensuring that the benefits of Web3 and Metaverse technologies are accessible to a broader spectrum of users.


Conclusion: A Commitment to Inclusive Technological Advancements


The collaboration between Telefónica and ONCE signifies a commitment to breaking barriers and fostering inclusive innovation in the realm of immersive experiences. As the partnership unfolds, the industry anticipates transformative advancements that will pave the way for a more accessible and inclusive digital landscape, ensuring that emerging technologies benefit all members of society, regardless of their abilities.

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