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Zeeve Boosts Web3 Innovation with zkSync Hyperchain Support

Zeeve, a frontrunner in providing Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) and web3 infrastructure, has introduced its support for zkSync hyperchains, delivering essential zero-knowledge (ZK) Rollup infrastructure to enterprises, developers, and web3 startups. This advancement streamlines the deployment and management of Layer 3 or Layer 2 hyperchains, offering robust infrastructure, advanced automation tools, and continuous monitoring.


Understanding zkSync Hyperchains: Interoperable and Sovereign zk-Chains


The hyperchains, presented by zkSync, represent hyper-scalable, interoperable, and fully sovereign zk-chains operating atop Layer-1 Ethereum or Layer-2 zkSync Era networks. These zk-chains, empowered by the ZK Stack, employ a modular approach, enabling the construction of various blockchain components for sequencing transactions, data availability, and privacy. This modular design preserves interconnectivity with the broader Ethereum ecosystem through hyperbridges, all while benefiting from network-wide liquidity. The customizable and modular nature of zkSync’s hyperchains unleashes a spectrum of applications, leveraging horizontal scaling, recursive proofs, and shared provers.


Zeeve’s Integration: Elevating RaaS Platform with zkSync’s Hyperchains


Zeeve’s integration with zkSync’s hyperchains elevates its Rollups-as-a-Service platform, extending enterprise-grade solutions to those seeking to launch application-specific and highly adaptable blockchains using ZK Stack. This expansion caters not only to the Zeeve community, which boasts over 27,000 developers and 40+ institutions but also aligns with the platform’s commitment to providing assured infrastructure, stringent security, and a diverse web3 partner network.


Leadership Insight: Dr. Ravi Chamria’s Perspective


Dr. Ravi Chamria, Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve, expressed the significance of the partnership with zkSync, emphasizing the breakthrough achieved by incorporating hyperchains and ZK Stack into Zeeve’s launchpad. He highlighted Zeeve’s commitment to simplifying launches, offering enterprise-grade infrastructure, and collaborating with zkSync’s pioneering ZK Stack, creating a seamless and innovative environment for developers and enterprises.


Matter Labs’ Perspective: Unlocking Design Possibilities


Marco Cora, senior vice president of business and operations at Matter Labs, acknowledged the transformative potential of building with ZK Stack and deploying highly customizable blockchains. He emphasized that zkSync’s recent prover upgrade in Boojum, designed around “state differences” (“state diffs”), positions zkSync as consistently one of the most cost-effective rollups in the market. Paired with Zeeve’s RaaS offering, builders can deploy efficiently and focus on their innovative use cases.


Ecosystem Enrichment: Zeeve’s Integrated Partner Ecosystem


In addition to supporting zkRollups capabilities, Zeeve’s integrated partner ecosystem extends to interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, account abstraction, and various tools. The platform provides a 1-click Sandbox tool for effortless zkRollup deployments and a Management Dashboard to efficiently oversee the intricate zkRollup infrastructure.


Conclusion: Zeeve Paving the Way for Web3 Advancements


Zeeve’s support for zkSync hyperchains represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of web3 infrastructure. By providing essential tools and infrastructure for developers and enterprises, Zeeve, in collaboration with zkSync, is playing a vital role in fostering innovation and unlocking new possibilities within the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology. As the support for zkSync hyperchains unfolds, the industry anticipates a surge in diverse applications and advancements in the realm of decentralized technologies.

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