Tezos Aided TZ APAC Facilitates Filipino Artists and Firms to Adopt Blockchain, Web3 December 9, 2022 December 9, 2022 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Tezos Aided TZ APAC Facilitates Filipino Artists and Firms to Adopt Blockchain, Web3

Employing blockchain technology has rapidly become a reality. The software solution has also altered the manner in which artists and producers get rewarded for their work’s worth. Additionally, it has functioned as a means of marketing ones personal work and defending their internet rights.

As a decentralized, shared, and public digital ledger utilized to record transactional data across several computers, the blockchain prohibits data from being modified unilaterally without the modification of all following blocks and the approval of the network (that is the reason the initial use case of the technology originates to financial activities).

Singapore-based TZ APAC [https://www.tzapac.com/] enables artists and entrepreneurs to change on the blockchain via the construction of bottom-up value-added initiatives. The organization collaborates closely with blockchain specialists and other network participants. The Tezos Foundation financially supports TZ APAC.

Tezos is a decentralised platform, blockchain, and environment for assets, apps, and facilities that is open source. The platform is supported by a worldwide community of participants consisting of validators, academics, programmers, and builders who are dedicated to fostering the environment’s growth.

“Our goal is to support Asian heroes via blockchain technology, including artists, students, and companies. TZ APAC is one of the primary associates for the IOI (International Olympiad for Informatics) 2022, the largest contest for high school software engineers, as stated by Jivan Tulsiani, Head of Marketing at TZ APAC, in a distinct interview earlier in December.

Tezos inspires creators to experiment with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the metaverse, and more with its blockchain that is meant to develop, security-oriented, updatable, and built to survive.
“We engage a large number of (startup) entrepreneurs for our incubation programs. With respect to blockchain adoption and NFTs, the Philippines is one among the most fascinating markets. This market is really crucial to us. Tulsiani continued, “We work hand in hand to establish extremely strong communities and individuals, such as Loopymoon, one of the finest instances of creative talent in the Philippines.”

Loopymoon is a Philippine based multi-disciplinary artist who works with psychedelic digital designs and mosaics with the intention of bringing the texture, “loopiness,” and sensations of paint (oil, acrylic, etc.) into the digital arena. This artist also plays with AI (Artificial Intelligence) art by employing it as a canvas on which he produces ever more intricate patterns and scenarios.

“I began researching cryptocurrencies in 2017; I attempted to invest and found it was really difficult at the time; I burned most of my money. To my amazement, the artist I was admiring sold his NFT for $69 million in 2020-2021. I thought, Perhaps there is something there, and I began to offer my artwork via NFTs. On the Tezos network, I was among the first creators. Loopymoon, the top Filipino painter in the Tezos network with nearly 3,000 artworks behind his name, stated, “I joined (the ecosystem) because it’s like a platform for Web3 where there is copyright for the stuff that you make.”

TZ APAC stated that they are quite excited by the Web3 users in the Philippines and are requesting further projects. As artists and members of the public in the area collaborate and inspire one another, the organization pledged its greatest support for the initiatives that the regional Web3 community would lead.

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