Tokenization Free BeanQuest Games Launches on Binance Smart Chain March 4, 2023 March 4, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Tokenization Free BeanQuest Games Launches on Binance Smart Chain

Few DeFi initiatives have mastered on-network crypto gameplay since the NFT explosion. The issue emerges when attempting to establish a compromise between fun and the financial aspect of a number of these initiatives: either the cryptocurrency aspect becomes an impediment to appreciating a game, or the game becomes a financial instrument dressed up as a game. That’s been notably accurate on the Binance Smart Chain, where numerous attempts at game-fiction ventures have failed to acquire traction or an audience until now.

BeanQuest, which debuted on BSC on March 2nd, 2023, is resolved to distinguish itself from these other unsuccessful projects by applying a distinct strategy to its game element of it — namely, by wholly eschewing tokenization. BeanQuest’s game strategy are partially influenced by role-playing titles including Dungeons & Dragons, EverQuest, and Dark Souls, but its innovation rests in its simplicity.

A participant can join BeanQuest by connecting their wallet to the dApp, making an introductory roll according to the amount of BNB they wish to spend, getting experience, and then incorporating that expertise into their character’s attributes. These metrics decide the quantity of everyday experience a player acquires, which can either be multiplied and recycled back into the player’s metrics or removed from the gameplay by the player if he or she wishes to cash out. Each player’s possibilities of winning in-game weaponry and equipment will aid their BeanQuest and lead to renown and wealth increase as they play more.

BeanQuest’s spokesperson stated that development is the defining characteristic of this endeavor. “We’re discussing developing a group around the gameplay, and to be honest, getting a token kind of hinders that. If individuals are concerned about the mobility of tokens, they are not having joy or playing a game; rather, they are observing charts. Having observed how crypto miner initiatives function in the DeFi realm, we determined that their pace–longer-term and centered on players returning every day, instead of minute-to-minute–was more favorable to useful, on-chain activity.”

Consequently, while the crew has shunned the majority of conventional game-sci staples, a few really familiar elements, notably NFTs, are present. “We weren’t interested in making it absolutely ‘pay-to-play,’ so NFTs are totally voluntary,” said a team representative. “However, the people we do have are implemented into the game in a manner that users will appreciate, with some providing boosts to metrics and experience rewards, as well as being collectibles.” For some of us, this was yet another chance to pay tribute to those who influenced BeanQuest, so EverQuest aficionados, keep an eye out for that particular individual’s Serpent Staff.”

The development team is already planning a second period of gameplay, offering new foes, trophies, hardware, and non-game-related items for those prepared to endure the BeanVerse.


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