Transak Revolutionizes NFT Accessibility with NFT Checkout for Web3 Transactions Nov 29, 2023 Nov 29, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Transak Revolutionizes NFT Accessibility with NFT Checkout for Web3 Transactions

Transak, a global Web3 payment and onboarding infrastructure provider, has unveiled its ‘NFT Checkout,’ a major leap forward in enhancing accessibility to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This strategic launch aims to streamline the complexities associated with user onboarding in gaming and address challenges in navigating intricate infrastructures and payment processes within the NFT landscape.


Transak’s Progress and Series A Funding


Building on the success of its beta phase with platforms like Decentraland and other web3 entities, Transak’s NFT Checkout emerges as an optimized solution for the seamless purchase and sale of NFTs, particularly within the realm of blockchain gaming. The company’s recent Series A funding of US$20 million from reputable investors, including CE Innovation Capital, SBI Ven Cap, UOB, and Animoca Brands, reflects Transak’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the ever-evolving NFT industry.


Challenges in NFT Onboarding and Growing Market Trends


Despite projections indicating a doubling of the Global NFT Gaming Market by 2028, with a CAGR of 14.84% during 2023-2028, onboarding new users remains a persistent challenge. The intricate infrastructure and payment processes associated with NFTs often act as barriers for individuals entering the digital asset space. Furthermore, the integration of NFTs for in-game assets in the gaming industry has widened the appeal of these digital collectibles but faces hurdles in onboarding users to these novel forms of gaming assets.


Transak’s Strategic Approach to NFT Checkout


Transak initiated the beta phase of its NFT Checkout earlier this year, collaborating with web3 platforms to identify crucial pain points in user interactions and NFT transactions. Through consistent evaluation and learning, Transak has developed a comprehensive solution that addresses the current requirements of NFTs for today’s Web3 platforms while anticipating future needs for Web3 games and larger Web2 brands looking to integrate NFTs.


Key Features and Benefits of Transak’s NFT Checkout


Transak’s NFT Checkout offers a revolutionary feature by allowing users to purchase multiple NFTs within a single transaction, a significant industry first that streamlines the purchasing process and minimizes associated time and fees. The platform seamlessly integrates with all leading blockchains and supports 170+ cryptocurrencies, eliminating complexities related to token acquisition and gas fees. It covers compliance, payment processing, fiat-to-NFT conversions, and user support, ensuring a frictionless NFT purchasing experience.


Strategic Transaction Approval and Security Measures


With an impressive 95% transaction approval rate, surpassing industry norms, Transak strategically acquired the Merchant Category Code (MCC) 5815. This code communicates the lower-risk nature of NFT transactions to banks, optimizing approvals and reducing rejections associated with the MCC 6051 code.


Yeshu Agarwal’s Perspective on NFT Checkout


Yeshu Agarwal, Transak’s Co-founder & CTO, emphasizes the transformative nature of NFT Checkout. Eliminating the need for specific cryptocurrencies, the platform simplifies transactions to a single fiat operation, comparable to any online purchase. This user-friendly approach, combined with the capability to acquire multiple NFTs simultaneously and extensive transaction limits, empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage NFTs effortlessly.


Versatility Beyond Gaming: NFT Checkout for All


While optimized for gaming, Transak’s NFT Checkout extends its utility beyond the gaming industry. Similar to traditional e-commerce platforms, it allows users to buy or mint multiple NFTs in a single transaction, enhancing convenience for a broader user base.


Anticipated Growth and Future Partnerships


Transak’s NFT Checkout is rapidly gaining traction, with expectations of further partnerships in the coming weeks. Its user-friendly nature ensures seamless integration, catering to diverse business needs and expanding digital asset participation.


Conclusion: A Milestone in Web3 Commerce


Transak’s NFT Checkout signifies a significant advancement in web3 commerce, providing a user-friendly platform for effortless NFT transactions via fiat currency. The product embodies a commitment to expanding digital asset participation while ensuring exceptional transaction approval and security, effectively addressing usability challenges in the crypto and NFT landscape.

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