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Unveiling a Novel Canine Sponsorship Platform: Doris Metaverse Was Not Meat’s Technological Endeavor

Doris Was Not Meat, an organization committed to supporting dog shelters and rescuers, proudly introduces a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly integrates creativity and technology. This innovative venture unveils a feature allowing animal enthusiasts to sponsor a rescue dog intricately paired with real dogs awaiting adoption. The platform showcases a creative portrait and narrative, vividly bringing the personality of the sponsored dog to life.


Connecting Supporters with Canine Companions Through Innovative Features


Supporters have the opportunity to sponsor a dog and enhance their contribution with various add-ons, such as treats and grooming, for an additional fee. The web3 platform provides detailed information about the dog, selected add-ons, and the duration of the sponsorship. Commitment to transparency and connection is further emphasized through the Doris Metaverse platform, offering content related to sponsored dogs, tangible proof of legitimacy, and fostering a meaningful bond between sponsors and their chosen canine companions.


Technology Enhancing Emotional Bonds


A unique feature of the platform is the connection to the Doris AI bot, which provides regular updates on the dog’s progress and well-being. This ensures that the bond between sponsors and their sponsored dogs remains strong throughout the sponsorship process.


Building Communities and Expanding Impact


While the initial sponsorship campaign focuses on supporting the XiaoQi shelter in Chongqing, China, the broader ambition of the project is to scale and create additional “Sponsor Collections” in a repeatable manner. This strategic approach aims to build communities and expand outreach, creating a more significant impact on dog shelters and rescuers globally.


Immersive Experiences in the Doris Metaverse


The Doris Metaverse stands out as a key feature, offering an immersive experience through VR headsets like Meta Oculus or accessible via mobile devices and computers. The journey within Doris Metaverse begins at the rainbow bridge, dedicated to the cherished souls of dogs that have passed but are not forgotten. Users can explore various spaces, from short videos of rescue stories to artistic images illustrating the vibrant personalities of shelter dogs, along with positive behind-the-scenes snippets showcasing the dedication of rescuers.


Brands Partnering for a Cause in the Doris Metaverse


Doris Metaverse also serves as a hub for brands with products and services related to the cause. Brands can secure dedicated spaces on Doris Metaverse by utilizing gamification elements that reward longevity and active participation, creating an engaging and transparent partnership experience.


The Inspirational Origin: Doris’ Legacy


The project finds its inspiration in Doris, a black poodle rescued in 2020. Despite her passing a few months later, Doris brought joy, strength, and hope to her human mum, also a co-founder of this initiative, during a challenging time. Doris’ story represents the vulnerability of people and the incredible ability of dogs to serve as a vital support system, alleviating both physical and emotional needs. The platform’s unique approach not only honors Doris but also seeks to extend the same support and hope to countless other dogs in need.

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