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Venezuela to Facilitate Bitcoin Based Air Ticket Purchase

In the weeks ahead, Venezuelans will be able to use cryptocurrency to pay for plane tickets. Maiqueta International Airport Director Freddy Borges has stated that the airport would strive to incorporate cryptocurrencies like dash, bitcoin, and the national petro as authorized currencies in the payment network. Borges said this in a recent interview.

Venezuelans may soon be paying for plane tickets using bitcoin. Freddy Borges, the airport’s director, has said that the institution is trying to modify its payment platform to accept certain cryptos as payment for plane tickets and other facilities provided at the airport.

Thus, Borges said that, “We will activate a button for cryptocurrency payments in the airport platforms and commercial operations, in cooperation with Sunacrip.”

The officer listed bitcoin, dash, and the national petro as supported cryptocurrencies. Creating these payment options is critical, according to Borges, since visitors who visit the nation in the future will be able to buy more easily. He insisted that the airport go forward with the deployment of these new technologies so that travelers may take use of them more quickly.

Sunacrip, the country’s cryptocurrency authority, will govern how these cryptocurrencies may be used as payment methods. There are 17 international destinations served by the Maiquetia International Airport, making it one of the country’s most significant civil airports.

Using cryptocurrency as a payment option for plane tickets is nothing new in Venezuela. Conviasa, a national airline, stated in 2019 that it will begin selling tickets in Petros. The National Cryptocurrency Superintendent, Joselit Ramirez, said at the time that these transactions will be confirmed in under two minutes.

A second national carrier, Turpial Airlines, declared in August of last year that it would take bitcoin as payment for plane tickets, too. Using three Boeing 737-800s, the small airline was among the first in the industry to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in January that 2019 will be the year of “revival” for all cryptocurrency systems. This statement seems to be the culmination of that declaration. Inflation and depreciation, on the other hand, have continued unabated throughout 2018. In order to make payments easier, the Venezuelan government redenominated the fiat currency on October 1st.

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