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Web3 Advertising Network Unveiled by India’s Blockchain News Platform

The Wortheum Ad Network, only one of its type on web3, has now been formally launched. Ashutosh Singh, the chief executive officer of Wortheum, said during the event that Wortheum Ad Network would become the driver of the worldwide transformation in the field of advertising by using Web3 and blockchain technology.

This is the age of web3, and the future of marketing will be decentralized. He continued by explaining that Web2 is a bizarre labyrinth of marketing, not just for individuals who see commercials as well as for those who purchase and market them.

It is common knowledge that the whole advertising environment is supported by a handful of giant internet businesses, which retain a substantial portion of the profits accruing to both the marketer and the consumer of the ad. Small firms in the advertising industry are not an exception since they are also centralized. This implies that the bulk of your ad revenue goes straight into their wallets, which may create an awkward scenario in media and marketing strategies.

In addition to monopoly, web2 users confront the issue that social media sites often sell user data to advertising businesses, which compromises their privacy and allows marketers to access their personal details. After the introduction of Web3, the whole advertising environment is undergoing a radical transformation. Web3’s decentralized ad platform provides the answer to shifting advertising environment.

This ad system is based on a blockchain-powered news platform driven by Delegated Proof of Stake and is also fueled by its media outlet. All advertising-related operations are conducted on this platform, so the marketer will not need to worry about their advertisement being restricted or withdrawn without justification.
Only the management of the advertising network will authorize and oversee the advertising without revealing the advertiser’s name, which essentially means that the grade of the ads will determine if they are suitable for widespread consumer viewing.

The customers of this blockchain-based decentralized ad platform also benefit from the fact that blockchain technology doesn’t really keep their personal information. In addition, there are no bogus profiles or Bot registrations in this decentralized media outlet, thus the advertiser has the benefit that whomever views his advertisement is a real person and not a computer simulation.

Vishal Verma, Chief Technology Officer of Wortheum, explained more about the technical aspect of Wortheum ad network, it was explained that this network operates in such a manner that the Wortheum Blockchain will release its tokens to its customers, who are reporters or media people, and that in order to place advertisements on the wortheum media outlet or media organization, the advertising customer will be required to purchase tokens from the exchange or visitors who win these coins by using their time generating or compiling news from all over the globe.

As the majority of users trade their wortheum coins directly to exchanges, Coinstore is the best location to purchase wortheum for use within the wortheum advertising network. Advertisers settle the wortheum advertising network by buying coins on the market, distributing revenues indirectly to all participating network participants.

This will enhance the Wortheum experience for both journalists and users. Wortheum currency (WTH) received as revenue by the Wortheum ad network will be periodically burned, so decreasing the supply and increasing the demand for the coins. On the event of the rollout of the Wortheum Ad Network, Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, consultant of Wortheum, Chairman, EST Global Inc and CIC, MIT, Cambridge, USA, stated that Wortheum is a Web3-powered Journalism platform where news articles are generated by us and then compiled by readers using the consensus mechanism of the blockchain.

The outcome is real and accurate news for everyone, and the source is compensated with Wortheum tokens. He said that Wortheum has now developed the Wortheum Ad Network Platform. This is the one-of-a-kind income strategy for the Wortheum blockchain and its participants, enabling a P2P economic model for Wortheum currencies. There will be advertisements released for payment in Wortheum coins.

Either Wortheum coins are acquired from the crypto exchange, or Wortheum coin owners who solicit advertisements from customers might trade their own Coin to assist publishing of the advertisement. This is the true decentralized paradigm with the highest degree of confidence.

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