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Web3 Firm Zeeve Becomes Infrastructure Provider and Implementation Partner for Polygon Supernets

Polygon Labs has teamed up with Zeeve, a Web3 Infrastructure as a Service platform that adheres to ISO 27001, SOC2 Type2, and GDPR regulations. Zeeve will act as a significant infrastructure provider and implementation partner for Polygon supernets. The goal is to make it easier for businesses and developers to create their own Blockchain on Polygon Supernets by simplifying the deployment and administration of app-chains. This includes providing necessary infrastructure like an explorer, wallet, and faucet, which can be set up in just a few minutes.

By utilizing supernets, organizations and businesses can create Layer3 blockchain networks that are scalable and tailored to their blockspace requirements. These networks maintain the security and integrity of both Polygon PoS and Ethereum mainnet. Supernet’s strengths, such as customizable virtual machines, compliance implementation options, native gas tokens, and custom fee structures, make it an excellent platform for developers.

Zeeve is providing integration and implementation support to enable more people to use Polygon Supernets for their decentralized applications. This extends the benefits of Zeeve’s enterprise-grade infrastructure stack to a wider audience, including the 24k+ developers and 100+ institutions already using the Zeeve platform.

Our partnership with Zeeve as a Supernets Implementation Partner has been announced and we are thrilled about it. Polygon’s core values align well with Zeeve’s commitment to innovation and excellence, particularly in enterprise-grade AppChain deployments, showcasing its powerful capabilities. Our goal is to improve client services by collaborating and providing scalable, secure, and efficient infrastructure solutions for Supernets AppChains. Sunny Kaiwar, Sr. Solution Architect/Head of Implementation Partners, stated that the partnership allows for the provision of services, including the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of Supernets AppChains. The primary objective is to cater to the clients’ requirements and encourage the responsible and sustainable adoption of AppChains technologies.

Dr. Ravi Chamria, the CEO and co-founder of Zeeve, expressed excitement about partnering with Polygon Labs and becoming a crucial component of the Supernets partners eco-system. Developers can customize blockchains for their dApp using Supernets to fit their specific operations and service needs. Zeeve’s deployment architecture is automated and requires no coding. This allows you to concentrate on your Go-to-market and user strategies, while we handle the infrastructure management.

Zeeve’s comprehensive support for Polygon Supernets offers several benefits, such as:

  • Migration assistance (6.X to 8.X) and compatibility with new Supernets versions(8.X)
  • Secure RPC API endpoints to connect with supernets. Smart contracts, validator allowlisting, Block explorer, and indexer support for Supernet networks.
  • Native cross-chain bridge plugin support, flexible autoscaling, load balancing, and disaster recovery of nodes
  • Associated infrastructure components including explorer, wallet and faucet
  • Advanced monitoring system for machines, blockchain networks, and smart contracts management
  • Marketplace for supernet validators, In-depth configuration support for tokenomics and asset management
  • According to Ghan Vashishtha, the co-founder and CTO of Zeeve, Supernets offer the advantages of Permissioned blockchains’ flexibility and the security and decentralization that come with a public blockchain. Zeeve makes it easier to create, deploy, and maintain supernet-based networks. Developers can leverage the features of Polygon Supernets on Zeeve to create high-quality dApps for various industries such as DeFi, gaming, and entertainment. Ultimately, our commitment to improving developer workflows leads to a significantly better user experience.

    Facilitating blockchain development with scalability and app-specific customization is crucial for introducing Web3 to the public. The implementation of Polygon Supernet is significantly advanced by Zeeve’s crucial role, bringing the objective closer to realization. Zeeve is a valuable contributor to the Web3 ecosystem due to its battle-tested infrastructure framework, world-class blockchain experts, and track record of deploying over 4000+ nodes across 40+ protocols.

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