Wemade Secures Partnership with Katnappe for Blockchain Game Integration on WEMIX PLAY October 6, 2023 October 6, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Wemade Secures Partnership with Katnappe for Blockchain Game Integration on WEMIX PLAY

In a significant development within the gaming industry, Wemade, a prominent South Korean game developer, has recently entered into a strategic collaboration with Katnappe sp. z o.o., a Polish gaming company. The objective of this partnership is to integrate Katnappe’s blockchain game, Hoomeez, into WEMIX PLAY, Wemade’s globally recognized blockchain gaming platform, boasting a user base of over 9 million players. This collaborative effort is poised to diversify WEMIX PLAY’s expansive portfolio, which currently encompasses more than 100 diverse games.

Hoomeez, the focal point of this collaboration, represents a Multiplayer Casual Arcade game. Within the game, players assume control of a whimsical character known as a “Hoomie.” These avatars are employed for competitive gameplay across a multitude of small levels and matches, drawing participation from numerous other players. The gaming experience encompasses a wide array of modes and environments, ranging from Racing and Ball Games to Elimination Hazards and Coin Collection. Notably, Hoomeez will mark the inaugural first-party online game to debut on WEMIX PLAY.

Katnappe, founded in 2008, has carved a niche for itself as an indie game publisher with a distinct focus on crafting enjoyable and innovative gaming experiences that endure over time. The company has embarked on a global journey with the publication of Hoomeez, a game developed by the renowned Sourena Games Studio.

Wemade, in its relentless pursuit of elevating the global competitiveness of WEMIX PLAY, has been forging strategic alliances with gaming companies hailing from North America, Europe, and Asia. This concerted effort has culminated in an expanded portfolio of partnerships this year, encompassing developers based in Belarus, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Singapore, Poland, the UAE, and the United States. WEMIX PLAY remains committed to augmenting its game offerings by including titles spanning diverse genres in its extensive lineup.

Expanding Global Reach through Strategic Collaborations


Wemade’s latest partnership with Katnappe underscores its strategic vision of enhancing the global reach of WEMIX PLAY. The integration of Hoomeez into the platform not only bolsters the diversity of gaming experiences available to users but also underscores the growing significance of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.


Hoomeez: A Multifaceted Gaming Experience


Hoomeez introduces players to a multifaceted gaming experience centered around the Hoomie avatars. These endearing characters become the focal point of competitive play, where participants can engage in a variety of game modes set in captivating maps and environments. Whether it’s the thrill of racing, the excitement of ball games, the challenge of overcoming elimination hazards, or the pursuit of coin collection, Hoomeez offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay environment.


Katnappe’s Vision for Longevity in Gaming


Katnappe, with its roots dating back to 2008, has consistently pursued a vision of creating gaming experiences with enduring appeal. The partnership with Wemade is a testament to Katnappe’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and bringing the joy of Hoomeez to players worldwide.


WEMIX PLAY: A Hub for Diverse Gaming Experiences


WEMIX PLAY, Wemade’s flagship blockchain gaming platform, has emerged as a hub for diverse gaming experiences. With a user base exceeding 9 million players, it stands as a testament to the platform’s global appeal. The addition of Hoomeez to its roster of games further enriches the platform’s offerings, catering to players with a wide range of gaming preferences.


A Global Network of Partnerships


Wemade’s strategic approach to expanding its global network of partnerships has yielded impressive results. By collaborating with gaming companies from different corners of the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia, WEMIX PLAY has established itself as a platform that transcends geographical boundaries. The inclusion of developers from diverse regions underscores the platform’s commitment to offering a rich and varied gaming experience to its users.


In Conclusion


The partnership between Wemade and Katnappe, resulting in the integration of Hoomeez into WEMIX PLAY, marks a significant milestone in the world of blockchain gaming. This collaboration not only showcases the commitment of both companies to delivering engaging gaming experiences but also highlights the growing prominence of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. As WEMIX PLAY continues to expand its network of global partnerships and diversify its game offerings, players can look forward to an even more enriching and immersive gaming experience on this innovative platform.

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