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YetAi to Launch AI Powered Crypto Trading Bot on Solana Blockchain

YetAi, a library of 8,888 one-of-a-kind NFTs, has unveiled a plan to host artificial intelligence [AI] based products on the Solana blockchain in the near future. Basically, YetAi is a NFT project, which was entirely developed by artificial intelligence. Specifically, YetAi is a Solana blockchain powered series of 8,888 one-of-a-kind and unusual NFTs that depicts the narrative of the Yetis.

Holders will get a plethora of benefits since these NFTs are entirely derived using AI, which is gaining prominence across the globe for its ability to improve living conditions. In order to provide owners and members of the network with a variety of benefits, YetAi will attempt to provide privileged entry to community conferences, workshops, and private functions as well as other benefits.

YetAi’s goal is to lure broader audience into the cryptocurrency and non-financial technology (NFT) industries, and the introduction of knowledge-based meetings and conferences which will be hosted by industry professionals. A trading software with artificial intelligence is just another outstanding innovation from YetAi. This software will automatically trade cryptocurrencies on behalf of users at a better price than anticipated. In addition to streamlining the trading procedure, the AI-based software will eliminate the requirement of studying various trading strategies and other market related factors.

In addition, YetAi will pay minters a 70% royalty on future NFT sales, which will be paid out over time. YetAi is attempting to introduce artificial intelligence to the sophisticated Solana blockchain with the use of this library of ultra-unique and distinct NFTs derived from more than 90 different attributes.

YetAi has planned a token launch for the first quarter of 2022, with no information on when the pre-sale and whitelist will take place. This digital token will serve as an incentive for NFT holders, motivating them even more to invest in the venture’s revolutionary concept. Furthermore, these Tokens will act as administration tokens for the rapidly expanding YetAi community.
Presently, the costs associated with minting, trading NFTs have increased by orders of magnitude, due to the large entry of creators into the fledgling market.

YetAi’s project team fully trusts in the great potential of the enhanced Solana blockchain as the destiny of non-financial tokens (NFTs), which is why they are promoting it. The release of these well-structured, unexpected, and ultra-rare NFTs on Solana will give potential holders with quick, safe, and low-gas trades, which will additionally encourage the YetAi community to purchase as soon as they become available.

While more to be completed, YetAi has laid out an action plan that involves a slew of actions or procedures that will be implemented after a specific proportion of the 8,888 unmatched NFTs have been sold. Strategies are now being developed for the production of a range of YetAi goods and other items for a limited group of members. Furthermore, on the metaverse property controlled by the initiative, work is now underway on the development of a village. Last but not least, YetAi has a long-term outlook on the endeavor.

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