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Zilliqa Enters Metaverse with the Launch of XR platform Metapolis

It has been announced that Zilliqa would deploy an extended reality (XR) metaverse platform in January 2022, in an attempt to gain market share in the Metaverse domain. Metapolis, as it will be named, will enable users to host businesses, artists, ideas, property investment, games, and other things.

Users may also engage with these functionalities and perhaps even move to other cities using their NFT personas, according to the company. Bill Gates has indeed boldly claimed that the Metaverse will become a worldwide phenomenon in three years, and that it would fundamentally alter the way we buy, work, engage, connect, and live.

And although others, such as Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, have voiced doubt, the Metaverse is undergoing significant advancement and change, with Facebook even going to the extent of amending its brand name to reflect the new environment in which it is operating.

Zilliqa, a high-performance layer-1 blockchain framework, has introduced Metapolis as part of its endeavor to establish itself as a pioneer in the emerging field of blockchain technology. It is anticipated that the capabilities of Metapolis would be thematically rich and will provide a new tier of interaction for both the physical and virtual worlds, as per Zilliqa.

“Metapolis seems to be self-sustaining, and it incorporates interaction layers including NFTs, e-commerce, play-to-earn, digital avatars, marketing signage, and much more,” according to the project’s description.”

Ben Livshits, the CEO of Zilliqa, attempted to reassure people that the Metaverse is not intended to take the place of the actual world in which they live. Instead, it is “regarding improving our interaction with the online realm,” according to the statement.

“Outside the sharing culture that social networking has spawned, this world is concerned with narrowing the disparities in our ‘real’ economy β€” inequalities that exist in connectivity to wealth generation and fair compensation, for example.” He said.

β€œIn both the professional and personal spheres, it will add levels of contact β€” with common value and incentive-led approaches at the core of its operation.” Metapolis will bring together a number of today’s most prominent industries, such as social networks, e-commerce, mobile, and the internet.

Moreover, although it will give consumers with a fascinating new method to connect with these tools, it will also present marketers with a far more effective means of marketing themselves and reaching their intended audience.

Customer’s of Metapolis will be capable of creating their own NFT avatars, which they can then utilise to engage with other occurrences in the virtual world of Metapolis. Sandra Helou, Zilliqa’s chief of the Metaverse and non-traditional technologies (NFTs), shared her thoughts:

‘Diversification, creativity, and the exploitation of cryptoassets are all characteristics of Web 3.0.’ You can see the framework of the Metaverse being fastened together when you attach a “always-on” layer of involvement to it, which makes it boundless and easily accessible.”

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