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ZorroSign to Integrate its Digital Platform with Decentralized Provenance Blockchain

ZorroSign, Inc., a worldwide pioneer in blockchain-based digital signature services, has entered into a strategic agreement with the Provenance Blockchain Foundation to embed the latest decentralized Provenance Blockchain with digital platform of ZorroSign. ZorroSign unites digital signatures, automated compliance, intelligent forms, document administration, fraud protection, user validation, and document verification, and will pave way for increased transparency and liquidity of Provenance Blockchain to digital transactions globally.

“We are happy to cooperate with such an innovative technology,” stated Shamsh Hadi, ZorroSign’s CEO and co-founder. “Currently, our model is based on Hyperledger Fabric’s personal, permissioned blockchain. By embedding Provenance Blockchain and its Hash currency network, we are able to provide our consumers with a whole different era of decentralized digital payments.”

ZorroSign provides blockchain-based digital signature solutions that enhance privacy and security. Additionally, the company’s technological platform offers identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) features through its proprietary Z-Forensics crypto token, as well as fraud protection, user verification, and document validation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities provide automatic form filling for digital documents, therefore facilitating regulatory compliance with globally recognized norms for legal binding digital signatures. The Provenance Blockchain is a permissionless, decentralized open source blockchain developed for use in the financial services sector.

The Provenance Blockchain, built on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint blockchain-based application platform, is environmentally friendly due to its public proof-of-stake architecture, which eliminates the needless computational waste associated with today’s proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains.

Hash is the utility crypto token used on the Provenance Blockchain to stake, regulate, safeguard, and trade on the platform. Major financial institutions, investors, technical executives, and individual people lay the groundwork for the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem’s safety and stability by staking Hash as network Validators (verifying the block’s trades) or Delegators (allowing somebody to utilize their crypto tokens to generate blocks), for which they are compensated.

“The Provenance Blockchain Foundation is also awarding funds to coders to help speed the creation of this specific platform,” the Provenance Blockchain Foundation’s Graham Kahr explained.

ZorroSign is submitting various grant applications to extend the Provenance Blockchain’s utility case this year, including the ability for users to login with digital wallets and the integration of ZorroSign’s digital signature system with additional Provenance Blockchain apps. The Provenance Blockchain Foundation, located in San Francisco, introduced the fresh, public, decentralized Provenance Blockchain in May 2021, replacing the previous permissioned Provenance Blockchain.

The latest open-source Provenance Blockchain eliminates the necessity for third-party intermediaries, slashing financial transaction fees and releasing capital. Provenance Blockchain technology encourages increased openness and liquidity, while also enabling new forms of financial engineering and economic prospects.

Hash, the in-house digital utility currency of Provenance Blockchain, serves both as a payment mechanism for trades and a mechanism of blockchain administration. Hash is a cryptocurrency that may be traded on a decentralized exchange housed on the Provenance Blockchain and acquired by financing a wallet.

ZorroSign, Inc., located in Phoenix, utilizes blockchain technology to provide improved privacy and safety. Digital signatures, automatic adherence, intelligent forms, document administration, fraud protection, user validation, and document validation are all integrated into the company’s IT platform. ZorroSign is trusted by organizations, corporations, and people worldwide to protect the privacy and safety of their digital records and to offer an unalterable chain of custody for trades.

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