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ZTX Project Draws Over 200,000 New Users in a Day with Web2 to Web3 Transition

ZTX, an innovative Web3 endeavor that merges a virtual world with a creator platform, has achieved a significant milestone by welcoming over 200,000 new users into its ecosystem within just one day. This accomplishment emerges from a strategic initiative that aims to bridge its legacy Web2 platform with its cutting-edge Web3 offerings. The project’s core objective revolves around establishing a seamless cross-platform experience, allowing users to effortlessly transition from the Web2 to the Web3 realm.

Bridging Web2 and Web3 Realms

During the weekend, ZTX initiated a pilot campaign designed to showcase the potential of uniting traditional Web2 applications with the decentralized Web3 landscape. The campaign’s central theme was to apprise the community about ZTX’s upcoming on-chain product. Employing a creative approach, ZTX managed to attract a significant surge of users globally, as more than 200,000 individuals generated new wallets and registered for the ZTX platform.

The campaign’s focal point was the distribution of a distinctive virtual ZTX hoodie. This unique digital item was meticulously crafted to be functional across both Web2 and Web3 environments, presenting an unprecedented example of cross-platform interoperability. While cross-platform compatibility is often discussed within the metaverse space, ZTX’s initiative stands out as a rare instance where this concept has been tangibly implemented.

Over 20 creators, collectively commanding a follower base exceeding 8 million on the legacy platform, actively participated in the campaign. Their involvement included curating content and hosting live streams to educate their followers about ZTX’s foray into the realm of blockchain. This creator-driven engagement highlighted the substantial allure of cross-platform possibilities.

Future Endeavors and Advancements

ZTX remains dedicated to providing novel experiences to a wider audience moving forward. Among the project’s imminent milestones is the Genesis Home Mint on OpenSea, scheduled for August 30. This event holds the promise of introducing fresh and captivating opportunities for users to interact with ZTX’s offerings within the metaverse.

In addition, ZTX has plans to unveil an upgraded private beta version of its on-chain platform in September. This proactive approach underscores the project’s steadfast commitment to consistently enhance its offerings, furnishing infrastructure tooling tailored to a diverse array of creators. By introducing features and developments at an accelerated pace, ZTX aims to empower creators to thoroughly explore the potential of both the Web2 and Web3 landscapes.

Bridging Realms and Shaping the Metaverse

ZTX’s recent achievement of onboarding more than 200,000 users within a single day stands as a resounding testament to its determination to bridge the divide between Web2 and Web3 platforms. Through its inventive campaigns, ZTX has garnered attention from creators, influencers, and users alike. As the project continues its evolution, it is carving a path toward a more inclusive and interconnected metaverse panorama. This approach facilitates seamless transitions for users, enabling them to traverse between traditional and decentralized online experiences effortlessly.

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