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ZTX Unveils Global Metaverse Gaming Competition, Offering $ZTX Rewards

ZTX, a pioneering Web3 virtual world and creator platform, has initiated a strategic global partnership to launch an innovative competition. This initiative allows speculators to engage in metaverse gaming predictions for the opportunity to win $ZTX rewards. The campaign, organized by ZGM, a global metaverse influencer management and content creation company, is set to debut during the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit in Manila. However, it is important to note that the competition is open to all ZTX community members worldwide.


The ZGM Collaboration: An Innovative Approach to Metaverse Gaming

In collaboration with ZTX, ZGM, known for its global influence in the metaverse, will leverage the experiences on the legacy Web2 platform supporting ZTX. This collaboration aims to bring together existing cryptonative users from the ZTX community, forming multiple teams engaged in diverse metaverse games. These teams will compete against each other, providing a unique entertainment experience tailored to holders of a specific token.


Participating in the Competition: Betting on Metaverse Game Outcomes

Participants in the competition have the opportunity to speculate on the outcomes of metaverse games by holding certain amounts of $ZTX tokens in their wallets. The betting process is facilitated through the ZTX Discord server, and there is no direct payment or fee required for participation. Successful players stand a chance to win portions of a prize pool exceeding $20,000 USD worth of $ZTX tokens at current trading prices.


Insights from ZTX Leadership and ZGM: A Collaborative Vision

Alexx, the Creative Direction and Innovation Leader at ZTX, expressed excitement about offering a novel way for token holders to utilize their tokens for enhanced experiences and entertainment value. The pilot campaign emphasizes that placing bets will not involve actual funds but rather necessitates participants to maintain a certain level of $ZTX token balance in their wallets.


Wendy Heo, Global Partnerships Manager at ZGM, highlighted the strong and robust community of ZTX in Web3. The collaboration with ZTX aligns with ZGM’s goal of bridging Web2 and Web3 communities through entertaining events. The event serves as a preview of the expansive and imaginative offerings planned by ZTX.


Perspectives from Web3 Influencer Altcoin Sherpa: Recognizing Milestones

Altcoin Sherpa, a regular partner of ZTX in the Web3 space, emphasized the significance of cross-industry entertainment content. Acknowledging ZTX’s smooth Token Generation Event (TGE) and airdrops, Altcoin Sherpa anticipates the team’s continued efforts in bridging crypto with non-crypto users through innovative campaigns and product updates.


Upcoming Announcements: Details on the Competition and Beta Release

ZTX is poised to reveal specific details of the ZGM gaming competition in the coming days. This includes deadlines, rules, and additional conditions, which will be communicated through its accounts on various platforms, including Discord. Simultaneously, the team is set to provide updates on the official Beta release, scheduled for Q4 of 2023. As the competition unfolds, ZTX aims to reinforce its commitment to widespread adoption and promotion of Web3 gaming.

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