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OKX Wallet Advances Web3 Integration with 80 Blockchains

In a significant stride towards its goal of establishing the industry’s most advanced and inclusive Web3 ecosystem, OKX Wallet has successfully integrated with 80 blockchains. The rapidly expanding Web3 ecosystem, centered around the versatile OKX Wallet, signifies a pivotal development. This self-custody crypto wallet empowers users by providing control over their private keys, serving as a gateway to the diverse Web3 landscape. The OKX Wallet facilitates access to both OKX-developed and third-party decentralized exchanges (DEXs), DeFi yield services, NFT marketplaces, and an array of decentralized applications (dApps).


OKX Wallet’s Integration with X1 Testnet: A Game-Changing Addition

As part of its evolution, OKX Wallet has seamlessly integrated with the X1 testnet, a groundbreaking Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Layer 2. Built with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) and OKX’s new native network, X1 introduces novel functionalities. Notably, X1 users can now utilize the OKX platform token, OKB, to cover gas fees. This integration not only expands the capabilities of OKX Wallet but also fosters a more interconnected environment.


Empowering Developers with X1 Network: A Global On-Chain Ecosystem

The X1 network serves as a connective thread between the OKX, Polygon, and Ethereum communities, providing a foundation for a global on-chain ecosystem. Developers now have the opportunity to leverage X1 for building cutting-edge consumer Web3 applications. The accessibility of this network addresses challenges prevalent in other ecosystems, such as high fees and interoperability constraints.


Ethereum Compatibility and Seamless Integration: Simplifying Development

X1’s Ethereum compatibility is a key feature, ensuring that existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets function seamlessly on X1 without the need for code rework. This compatibility streamlines the development process, offering developers a conducive environment to create innovative applications.


OKB as X1 Native Token: Enhancing Interoperability

The native token for X1, OKB, provides users with the ability to effortlessly transfer value between OKX and X1. This seamless integration enhances the appeal of X1, positioning it for exponential growth within the Web3 community.


Expansion of Integrated Blockchains: Diversifying Possibilities

Among the latest blockchains integrated with OKX Wallet are X1, Manta, KASPA, dYdX Chain, Celestia, StarkNet, Cardano, Scroll, opBNB, and SEI. This diverse integration broadens the scope of possibilities for users and developers, fostering a more inclusive and expansive Web3 experience.


Commemorating the Milestone: OKX Wallet’s On-Chain Achievement Tokens

To celebrate the successful integration with 80 blockchains, OKX Wallet is distributing on-chain achievement tokens (OAT). Holders of these tokens stand a chance to participate in a prize pool of $2,000 USDT after the conclusion of the campaign. To join the campaign, users are encouraged to follow specific steps outlined by OKX Wallet.



OKX Wallet’s integration with 80 blockchains, including the introduction of the X1 testnet, signifies a momentous step forward in realizing its vision of an advanced and inclusive Web3 ecosystem. As the Web3 landscape continues to evolve, OKX’s commitment to seamless integration, interoperability, and community engagement positions it as a key player in the ongoing development of the decentralized digital frontier.


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