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Ambrosus Releases AMB-NET 1.0, To Launch V1.1 In October

Blockchain network Ambrosus aims to create a global standard for supply management. Furthermore, the IoT network also plans to offer quality assurance at enterprise level. The blockchain network has released AMB-NET 1.0 and is working to launch V1.1 in October.

There are several blockchain technology based projects which concentrate on supply chain management. However, each of them has a different approach to solve real world issues. Ambrosus aims to create the material tracking hardware using stickers and packaging. The hardware will include sensors that can monitor metrics such as movement and temperature. Additionally, it may also consist of RFID chips and other data tracking elements including but not limited to QR codes.

Latest developments

The blockchain has seen major developments in the past few months. This includes considerable progress with 3D printing, hardware sensors, developer dashboard creation, Ambrosus SDK release, client and community gathering in various countries, and the expansion of the developer and management team to greater than three cities.

AMB-NET Launch

On July 31, 2018, AMB-NET launch was completed. Notably, the beta phase began in May and several firms as well as individual developers have been validating the network since then. The release of AMB-NET syncs with the integration of masternodes to the network.

There are 3 types of masternodes in Ambrosus network

  • Apollo – Requires a stake of 250,000 AMB tokens.
  • Hermes – Needs a stake of 150,000 AMB tokens.
  • Atlas – It is further divided into
    Atlas Omega – Requires 75,000 AMB as stake
    Atlas Sigma – Should stake 30,000 AMB
    Atlas Zeta – Requires 10,000 AMB as stake

AMB-NET is structured to be a total integrated package solution that facilitates advanced hardware sensors to communicate in a convenient, easy, and enterprise-friendly way with the distributed ledger in real-time.

Furthermore, the AMB-NET offers enterprises with the requisite tools to deploy blockchain technology with a firm’s business. The notable tools include user and access control in a decentralized manner, private data storage, platform to create DApps and trust data storage, among others.

Following the launch, client partners can now connect to the network using the IT systems and begin monitoring and tracking the items. The entire August has been set aside to observe the effectiveness of the AMB-NET 1.0 and receive feedback from clients. August also marks the masternode selection process. The newsletter will carry the applications to run the masternode.
Future developments

In September 2018, the AMB-TEST network is planned to be launched. It will lay the foundation for Ambrosus community members to function as operators of the network, while clients streamline the management of data through AMB-NET 1.0.

At this time, the native crypto token (AMB) of the Ambrosus network will function on AMB-NET 1.0. Until token migration is completed, the current ERC-20 AMB token will be used for all purposes. The AMB database token tracks and stores data related to a product as it moves across different points in a supply chain. Relevant instructions for token swaps and AMB native wallets are expected to be published in September.

In October 2018, the AMB-NET 1.0 and AMB-TEST is expected to converge. By the month end, AMB-NET is planned to be upgraded to AMB-NET Version 1.1, a fully functional storage and supply chain management solution. This would coincide with DEVCON4.

For the rest of the year, Ambrosus will concentrate on improving the performance and widening the usage of AMB-NET 1.1. The Ambrosus team will also focus on establishing the structure that permits seamless integration of virtually any category of supply chain. Furthermore, the beneficial confluence of the AMB-NET 1.1 and AMB-TEST will go on.

In the weeks ahead, the network is expected to see developments such as the release of report on “Toolkit for Sensors and IoT devices,” launch of DApps on AMB-NET 1.1 and release of further information for the community’s benefit.

Final thoughts

The Ambrosus network works on the core principles of decentralization, transparency and long-term sustainability. The network wants to reshape the future of supply chain management sector and the release of the AMB-NET is another major step in that direction. The release of version 1.1 will further sustain the momentum.

The native token of Ambrosus is called as Amber, which trades on Binance, Kucoin and HitBTC.

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