Communication Platform Vaiyo Enters Metaverse, Enables P2P Crypto Transfers, Supports NFTs Feb 6, 2022 Feb 6, 2022 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Communication Platform Vaiyo Enters Metaverse, Enables P2P Crypto Transfers, Supports NFTs

Vaiyo, a secure and innovative communication platform, announced its entry into the metaverse by facilitating peer-to-peer crypto transactions and introducing support for network-based tokens (NFTs). Centralized systems have traditionally been at the heart of all commercial, communication, and research solutions. However, fissures began to form. With centralized apps, a single point of breakdown often occurs, rendering their provided solutions unsustainable. The world is in desperate need of a versatile communication solution. So, is there a network that would provide businesses with a communication platform that is safe, simple to use, economical, and offers a variety of capabilities, all of which are critical for communication?

Businesses generally employ six to eight programs for communication and workflow management (internal). That is not appropriate in the internet era. It’s a tragedy for businesses operating in such a competitive environment. However, there is currently no conferencing application that includes all of these functions. That is, until today. Innovative approaches to transitioning from centralized to decentralized solutions have resulted in more sustainable possibilities for all business sectors. Vaiyo is a market leader in the communication business. Vaiyo is a decentralized all-in-one communication package that integrates all of the above listed functions and more.

And it is growing at a breakneck pace, adding new ones on a regular basis. The term “metaverse” is now trending on the internet. Additionally, it will establish a new standard in the near future. Users may enjoy the platform’s bar, join any room they need, or establish their own; a conference room, a store, or a living room, for example. Additionally, users will soon be able to seamlessly transition from 2D to 3D Metaverse. It facilitates not just pragmatic but also enjoyable contact between coworkers and partners.
Room examples include the following:

● Office Meeting Room

● Store

● School

● Auditorium

● Cafe

● Patient Room

● Art Gallery

● Living Room

● And more…

Users may begin sharing whatever data they like with their coworkers, students, or business partners in the newly established room. For instance, they may create a Cafe Room and welcome their friends to watch a game of their choice: the UEFA Champions League, the Euro League, or Formula 1. Alternatively, if people want something more innovative, they might share a video or a movie. Likewise, users may arrange first aid classes and direct their 3D characters to conduct acts through their VR gloves, as well as have 3D characters present on how to rejuvenate a person.

Create characters in advance, monitor and regulate their interaction with the audience. Users may share their artwork with whomever they want or use a 3D webinar to show their peers how their firm performed last year. The sky and the user’s imagination are the only boundaries to what this instrument can achieve. They have the ability to apply the instrument to almost every aspect of life.
A new method of sending tokens to some other user has indeed been activated and is now active. Users no longer have to transmit their tokens in the dark, but may do so while communicating with another user through a Vaiyo room. By simultaneously tapping the transfer button and initiating a video call, users can ensure that the correct individual receives their tokens.

NFTs on the blockchain are the game changer for art, gaming, and a variety of other businesses that are on the verge of joining the world’s most secure network – blockchain. The excellent news is that the present 3D items on’s home page are already NFTs and will be accessible for import into 3D rooms in the near future. Additionally, users may transplant their NFT art collection into a personalized 3D room. Taking into consideration that the NFT sector is now valued over $40 billion and is expected to continue increasing, users may like to experiment with their own generated art by presenting it to others.

For the majority of internet users, security is paramount. Regrettably, as previously said, centralized systems have a single point of failure that may jeopardize user data protection, confidentiality, anonymity, and even monetary well-being, as shown by cyber crimes that cost crooks billions of dollars. American Express conducted a poll of business people on forgery and data theft. It’s remarkable that eight out of ten respondents reported having encountered some form of data breaches in their organization. It contributes to the growth of digital life and the erosion of faith in centralized systems. In the United States alone, there were 1.7 million fraudulent charges laid in 2019, with customers losing $1.9 billion.

Additionally, there were over 650,000 accusations of identity theft. When Yahoo suffered a data breach, it compromised over 3 billion accounts. Zoom’s inability to upgrade its security procedures resulted in the exposure of all user information twice. Nonetheless, there is no viable alternative. Because the Vaiyo platform is a decentralized network, it does not keep even the specifics of call records.

As a result, it successfully addresses the problem of data leakage. Vaiyo communicates in a secure manner that cannot be compromised. This is accomplished by migrating text conversation to the blockchain and using the blockchain to secure video and audio broadcasts. Transparency, productivity, durability, and safety have become critical inside firms, and all of these factors contribute to company performance improvement. While several centralized platforms have failed to provide the aforementioned services to their customers, Vaiyo is set to change that.

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