Fujitsu’s Intelliedge Lays Foundation For IOTA To Become Industry Std April 25, 2018 April 25, 2018 David Nugent
NewsApril 25, 2018 by David Nugent

Fujitsu’s Intelliedge Lays Foundation For IOTA To Become Industry Std

FujitsuAt Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial technology trade fairs, Fujitsu is showcasing latest innovations and live demonstrations of intelligently-connected smart manufacturing solutions for Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and the digital future of transport. On Booth E16 in Hall 7, Fujitsu is showing how manufacturers can push Industry 4.0 initiatives further forward to shape, optimize and future-proof the entire value chain with innovative technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), next-generation Blockchain and intelligent networking.

Fujitsu’s booth features two factory scenarios with robots and conveyor belts to demonstrate how Industry 4.0 concepts are being applied in production processes. This includes the Fujitsu’s IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE (based on IOTA’s tangle technology), which bridges the gap in Industrial IoT between OT (Operational Technology) and IT, deploying edge computing to make intelligent decisions based on analyzing the massive data sets generated by systems and devices at the network edge. Futjitsu’s software presentation explained how IOTA-based audit trail automatically logs audit-compliant production data and transactions live from the factory show-case.

IOTA is an innovative distributed ledger technology primarily created for machine-to-machine transactions. It is a feeless DAG cryptocurrency, which operates as the backbone of the Internet of Things. The technology, introduced in 2014, is the only one of its kind that is able to function as the lightweight distributed ledger with scalability, quantum resistance and decentralization for a plethora of use-cases in the Internet of Things, the machine economy, or human applications. The entire production process in a factory is bound to Fujitsu’s software INTELLIEDGE, which uses IOTA’s tangle technology. Because of the advantages it possesses, traditional limitation related to other blockchain technology is overcome. Fujitsu’s IOTA Tangle-automated factory allows for easier interoperability between all involved parties, a must requirement for industry wide adoption.

During the presentation, Fujitsu Europe head Rolf Werner said

“this is the world’s first distributed ledger technology based on IOTA in the industrial environment.”


The main takeaway from Fujitsu’s presentation at Hannover Messe isn’t just that robots are cool (they are), or that automation will kill jobs and save lives (it will). It’s that IOTA is a done deal, and has now been selected as the next global IoT standard. The IOTA Foundation has outright said many times that it will become the de facto global standard on an infrastructure level sometime in 2018, and it was specifically designed, with some fairly hair-raising sacrifices, to be the objectively best option available in the long run.

Both Fujitsu and Bosch are using IOTA for their industrial needs. Bosch has partnered with IBM to develop IoT solutions pertaining to the industry. Fujitsu, a manufacturer and provider of IT services, is well poised to make IOTA as the industry standard. The tangle-based system displayed at Hannover Messe will be soon deployed at Fujitsu’s Augsburg smart factory.

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