John McAfee To Launch Collectible Fiat Currency Backed By Crypto May 31, 2018 June 27, 2018 Doug Holmes
NewsMay 31, 2018 by Doug Holmes

John McAfee To Launch Collectible Fiat Currency Backed By Crypto

While central banks are studying the impact of launching cryptocurrency, backed by fiat currency, John McAfee is planning the reverse. He has announced the launch of a collectible, redeemable, and convertible fiat currency that will be backed by his own cryptocurrency. McAfee has also tweeted that the news is not a hoax and the cryptocurrency will hit the market next month.

The founder of the well-known antivirus software company, McAfee Antivirus, is not only fond of cryptocurrencies, but often takes the cryptocurrency market by surprise. McAfee has announced that the new cryptocurrency, dubbed “McAfee Coin” will be launched next month.

The businessman has mentioned that the cryptocurrency is based on a “radical new concept” of cryptocurrency backing a collectible fiat currency. The idea is exactly the inverse of what central banks across the world are planning to do.

The fiat currency, named as “McAfee Redemption Unit” (MRU), to be released on June 25 will be linked to blockchain. It will be printed on paper with hologram on eithersides. Furthermore, the fiat currency will have serial numbers as well.

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