Oddup Offers Must Check ICO, Crypto Mkt. Analysis Platform April 9, 2018 June 15, 2018 Tim Glocks
Analysis NewsApril 9, 2018 by Tim Glocks

Oddup Offers Must Check ICO, Crypto Mkt. Analysis Platform

Oddup, a reputed Hong Kong-based global startup investment insights platform, has started providing streaming prices, market capitalization, and analysis of all cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the platform also offers curated in-depth analysis of active, upcoming and past ICOs.

As far as ICO analysis is concerned, Oddup platform offers the following details
• Details regarding the project for which funds are raised
• Founders
• Token symbol (ticker)
• Price
• Platform
• Type of token (ERC 20, etc.,)
• Accepted investments (crypto/fiat, etc)
• Min. Investment
• Soft cap
• Hard cap
• Country
• Link to whitepaper
• Price in ICO
• Pre-ICO date
• Google search trend (30 days)
• Raised amount
• Active (days for which it will be open)
• Category under which the project falls
• ICO start date
• ICO end date

By using the appropriate tab, a user can look at the active, upcoming, and finished ICOs. A list of ICOs can be selected to follow as well.

Oddup Ecosystem: Etheal ico analysis
Oddup Ecosystem: Etheal ico analysis

The cryptocurrencies are listed according to their market cap. The gains/losses in the past 24hour, 7 days, and one month period is provided. A 7 day price graph is provided. Furthermore, an investor can also select a list of cryptocurrencies to follow. The price of cryptocurrencies is provided with US dollar as the reference currency.
Oddup has a strong team and proprietary solution that drives this listing. It aims to provide updated information on ICOs and cryptocurrencies across the globe on a single platform. Investors can use this data to not only stay updated on cryptocurrency prices and ICO activity but to understand these phenomena better so as to make more informed investment decisions.

Speaking on the vision that led to the addition of ICOs and cryptocurrencies to the Oddup platform, CEO and Co-founder James Giancotti said,

“ICOs are replacing VC funding for three main reasons – first, they give startups faster access to capital, and second, they allow investors to realise benefits faster to match their portfolio needs. A key fundamental reason is that a token generation event allows a company to implement blockchain into its product portfolio and build a completely new and different type of community and offering. But there is a huge amount of ICO activity and it becomes difficult to identify the right option. With the inclusion of ICOs and cryptocurrencies on our platform, Oddup will help the ICO and funding ecosystem in a manner that hasn’t been witnessed before.”

Jackie Lam, COO and Co-founder at Oddup, said,

“We have seen tremendous positive interest from both retail and institutional customers who are looking at investing in the crypto market. Oddup’s trusted rating system will help increase awareness and understanding of the cryptocurrency market for an improved experience in global ICO and Crypto investment.”

As part of their move to cover ICO and Cryptocurrency ratings, Oddup will be building on the blockchain to allow for greater community involvement in providing transparency to the world of cryptocurrency and ICO ratings.
Oddup’s robust data, analysis, and research teams are constantly growing its startup, investors, ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and location databases. Startups can also register themselves on Oddup for greater visibility and include information on any planned ICOs to be featured.

About Oddup

Oddup is trusted by financial companies, investors, and startups across the world. A Silicon Valley and Hong Kong-based startup, Oddup provides startup, investor, sector, and ecosystem data, insights, and analyses in 34 major cities across North America, Europe, the UK, and Asia Pacific. More than 50,000 users utilize Oddup’s proprietary platform every day to obtain detailed analyses that make investment planning easier, more targeted, and more effective.

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