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Skillveri’s Decade-Long Journey: Transforming Vocational Training with Metaverse Innovation

India-based Skillveri’s CEO, Sabarinath Nair, recently provided insights into the company’s illustrious ten-year journey, shedding light on pivotal milestones and the transformative impact of their Multi-Skill Simulator Platform. The discussion emphasized Skillveri’s role in addressing talent gaps through skill initiatives and the significant influence of augmented reality on education and training, particularly in the manufacturing sector.


A Global Leader in Metaverse-Based Training Solutions

Skillveri, incubated at IIT Madras (India), stands as a global leader in XR and VR Multi-Skill Simulation Platforms. With 40% of its revenue generated from international markets, the company excels in providing cutting-edge training solutions to major players in the automotive sector, including Tata, Maruti, and Hero. The unique welding and spray painting combo device, driven by Psychophysics and XR technology, has garnered attention for its cost-effective and eco-friendly approach, reducing work rejection and optimizing efficiency by up to 70%.


Innovative Growth Strategies and Global Expansion

Skillveri’s success lies in its early adoption of advanced technology. The company’s decision to utilize the Unity 3D gaming engine in 2012 earned it recognition, with the Best Non-game Project award from Unity in 2017. Skillveri’s recent success stems from the introduction of a software licensing (SaaS) model during the Covid crisis, enabling learners worldwide to access their solutions with minimal human intervention. The company has strategically expanded its presence with headquarters in Delaware, USA, and Birmingham, UK, operational since April 2023.


Addressing Industry Challenges with Technology Intervention

Industries, while rapidly evolving, often employ conventional training methods. Skillveri acknowledges the need for technological intervention to equip the workforce with industry-ready skills. Leveraging XR and Metaverse technologies, Skillveri delivers faster, safer, and more effective training. The company’s scoring algorithm accurately predicts real-world performance, providing actionable analytics for industries to allocate work based on individual dexterity levels.


Traction in International Markets and Focus on Career and Technical Education

Skillveri has gained traction internationally, with a focus on career and technical education (CTE). The company’s multi-skill solutions make vocational training cost-effective for schools, facilitating realistic and user-friendly training experiences. Currently used in over 50 schools across North America, Skillveri has also made inroads with industrial customers in North America and Europe.

Revolutionizing Training in Critical Industries

Critical industries like automotive manufacturing rely on dexterity skills, and Skillveri’s simulation-based training proves effective in honing these skills. By replicating real-world scenarios, the training eliminates the cost of materials and hazards during practice. The unique blend of psychophysics and XR technology ensures an intuitive and gamified learning process, providing learners with precise, in-depth assessments and identifying areas for improvement.


Unlocking Potential in Global Markets and CSR Impact

Skillveri sees immense potential in global markets, particularly in career skills at the school level. The company aims not only to provide skill training solutions but also to create awareness among the youth about the career potential of skills. With 50+ schools in the USA and Canada already choosing Skillveri for their career and technical education programs, the company looks forward to expanding further. Skillveri’s partnerships with corporate foundations and CSR initiatives have significantly impacted the modernization of ITIs, benefiting both individuals and their families.


Harnessing India’s Demographic Dividend through Skillveri’s Vision

Skillveri was founded with a vision to bridge the gap between India’s youth population and the requirements of modern industries. By employing technology-driven interventions, the company aims to modernize skill training delivery and change perceptions associated with skills like welding and spray painting. Skillveri empowers individuals to skill or upskill, paving the way for stable careers, while industries benefit from precise training and evaluation.

Innovation Through Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Skillveri’s approach involves blending virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality to deliver cost-effective training on a larger scale. The company recognizes the advantages of recreating scenarios in a virtual environment that are challenging or impossible in a physical setting, allowing learners to practice and prepare for various situations effectively.

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