You may find it strange but the TEU tokens are given for free to the industry which in return will create a new industry practice and hence demand for the TEU tokens.

Token Sale ended
12 May, 2018
TEU 17,950,090
TEU 18,000,000 (100%)

300cubits Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
TEU 18,000,000
TEU 17,950,090 (100%)
1 TEU = $0.0025
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue
Hong Kong
Supply and Logistic
Blocked Countries
USA, China

Pros & Cons

  • Some rather large funding goals
  • May need extra time to develop concept
  • Not appealing to low risk investors
  • Large chance of volatility in token price
  • Time consuming project to develop and move forward
  • More of a long-term investment
  • May need further ongoing development
  • Large team required for project
  • Ongoing costs may be involved
  • Large white paper and roadmap


You may find it strange but the TEU tokens are given for free to the industry which in return will create a new industry practice and hence demand for the TEU tokens.


I do enjoy looking at the business concepts and ideas that surround and are supporting any token sales and initial coin offering and I much prefer investing in those that are unique, and the 300cubits ICO is targeting the supply and logistics market sectors which is certainly unique.

It will take a tech-based company to get their head around how to manage and deliver a successful supply and logistics company, and with that in mind please check out the team that is in place on the 300cubits concept.

If everything does however go to plan, initially with them reaching their funding goal and then rolling out their project on time there is a lot to like about 300cubits, so I would never put you off investing it if it fits into your portfolio of investments.

The Supply and Logistics market sector may be one you are willing to invest in via an ICO and if that is the case then to be able to take part in the 300cubits ICO you will need to be aware of its launch date and that is March the 15th 2018.

Learn More About the 300cubits ICO

There has been a lot of interest in the 300Cbuits project and IC and if you want to discover more about it then before you study their white paper and their roadmap spend a few minutes watching the following video presentation.



  • David Yeung (Ex CEO of AIG Capital Partner)
  • Kai Lung Hui (Chair Professor of HKUST)
  • Thomas Eskesen (Eskesen Advisory)
  • Johnson Leung (Co-founder)
  • Jonathan Lee (Co-founder)
  • Eugene Kim (Co-founder)

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As the 300cubits ICO and their concept is what I would call a high tech one, then it will be advisable for you to sturdy their white paper and their road map and spend some time looking over their website, for it may take a little time for you to understand how it will work when launched.

However, there is certainly a need for such a concept and it may just be one that is going to have mass market appeal too, and if that is the case then the value of its coins and tokens will increase, but that is never guaranteed.

Their white paper has been compiled in such a way that you will have no difficulties getting a clear understanding of the roll out of their project and their roadmap does also give you a clear indication of how long ahead they have planned too.

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