Artificial Intelligence is the one unique aspect of the concept behind AdHive and their product offers a social influencer type of advertising platform powered by AI.

Token Sale ended
27 Mar, 2018
$17,500,000 (100%)

AdHive Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$17,480,961 (100%)
1 ADH = 0.17 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
5,491,749 USD (UP TO 30% BONUS)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
0.05 ETH / TBA
Team Members
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Pros & Cons

  • Interesting concept that has real potential
  • Possibility for some short and long term return on investments
  • Could be warmly embraced by the market sector
  • Widespread and worldwide appeal
  • Very easy to understand yet technical concept
  • Should have a large take up of their initial coin offering by investors
  • Well designed, planned and executed whitepaper and roadmap
  • Sensible and very well throughout bonus format and structure
  • Solid team backing the project
  • Long term growth potential and reliable income streams


By combining their experience of advertising and coupling it with AI, AdHive are hoping to make giant inroads into the social influencer market place with their unique AL driven platform.


There really is a lot to be said for the power of artificial intelligence, much so when it is used as a way of advertising, and there are a lot of companies and businesses that are looking at ways that they can adopt AI to promote their businesses.

Any business that does wish to use AI is going to be very impressed by the concept and business idea behind AdHive for it is a company that is currently offering an ICO to allow them to fund their AI based advertising concept.

It is not only going to be advertisers that are going to want to use their product and platform it is of course those that are going to be able to use it to fund their own content creating services too, and as such this is lively to be an ICO that is going to get a lot of attention from investors, both small and large.


High tech businesses such as the one AdHive hopes to become does need a very experienced and driven team working seamlessly and tirelessly behind the scenes and below you will find out more about the team at AdHive.


  • Serguei Popov

    The Scientific and token product concept advisor – A Brazilian research mathematician of Russian origin with a Ph.D. from the Moscow State University. Currently works in the field of Stochastic Processes. He became interested in crypto in the end of 2013, and made a number of contributions to the theoretical aspects of the Nxt cryptocurrency and P-o-S in general. Co-founder of IOTA and WINGS projects

  • Ivo Georgiev (Ad tech advisor)

    Extensive experience as a software engineer with a particular interest in the videoon- demand industry. Since 2012, he has been heading Stremio. Well-versed in cryptography and crypto currencies. CEO and co-founder of AdEx

  • Soheil Mirpour (Business development advisor)

    The Senior Vice President Investments at Rocket Internet. He leads the firm’s Private Equity and Growth Investing. Previously, he worked in Private Equity at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley.

  • Chad Pollitt (Native advertising Advisor)

    Named one of eight top influencers to follow in native advertising, Chad authored “The Native Advertising Manifesto,” “The Content Promotion Manifesto” and “The Global Guide to Native Advertising Technology.” Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and an Adjunct Instructor of Content Marketing at the Rutgers University Business School. Former partner at the Native Advertising Institute, dedicated to advancing native advertising and leading, educating and connecting marketing, advertising, and publishing professionals so they can flourish in a new, more native, world.

  • Ariel Israilov (Investment advisor)

    Investment advisor Ariel graduated from Finanz Akademie, Vienna and has trading and market making background with over 15 years of global entrepreneurship experience. As a venture capitalist his investment focus is East-African, ASEAN and CIS countries. CEO and founder of FRESHVALE LTD and several IT, finance and security technologies companies


The whole AdHive concept is to use artificial intelligence in regards to advertisers, and whilst that may sound all well and good and very exciting, the only way that company is going to be able to earn huge amounts of cash is if it is actually embraced by content creator s and those wishing to use their services.

There are going to have to be payments made to those content creators, which in the case of the much larger and much more successful ones those payments are going to be high, and also keep in mind most of the larger and more well known video content creators and Vloggers already have probably mastered the art of getting advertisers onboard.

Therefore I would urge you to think long and hard before you do make an investment of any value in AdHive, and ask yourself does their roadmap and white paper look well thought out and achievable.

I am of the mind that they will probably do well, however just how well and just how much they can expect to make remains to be seen, just don’t get carried away in investing in this type of industry for there are lots of other companies already involved in it, and they are not going to roll over!

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