A decentralized platform to facilitate blockchain application development and deployment

Token Sale ended
10 Feb, 2018
$45,000,000 (100%)

ArcBlock Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$45,000,000 (100%)
1 ABT = 0.51USD
Sold on Pre-sale
22,800,000 USD (8% BONUS)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
0.1 ETH OR 200 CMT / 3 ETH + 7500 CMT
Token Issue
United States based company
Team Members
Blockchain platform
Blocked Countries

Pros & Cons

  • Reduces costs usually involved in blockchain technology
  • Custom tailored to fit into the new token economy
  • Easy cloud adaptation on ad hoc basis
  • Open standard adopted for build
  • User interface and user experience is top notch
  • Minimal Viable Product not yet out in the market
  • White paper available, but yellow paper not published
  • Future business plan in terms of target consumers, ArcBlock vision, etc. is vague


BLOCKLET, supports on chain and off chain data computing, Economic and token powered economy


  • Robert Mao (CEO and Chief Architect)
  • Flavien Charlon (Chief Scientist)
  • Jean Chen (Vice President – Marketing)
  • Joe Wallin (Legal Counsel)
  • Ding Lei (Founder)


Being that ArcBlock is the first of its kind (a blockchain 3.0 ecosystem), it has been subjected to a fair share of scrutiny and all things considered, it is safe to say that it looks pretty solid in terms of technology, objectives and also has a reputed team backing it up. At its core, ArcBlock it is a platform wherein decentralized blockchain applications may be developed and deployed. So, what is different about ArcBlock, you ask? Well, the primary objectives of ArcBlock are to tackle, resolve or workaround the many identified issues that persist with traditional blockchain technologies. Being that ArcBlock looks to build an application layer for Blockchain 3.0, it inherently already includes all features of 1.0 and 2.0.

How does ArcBlock overcome the challenges usually faced in blockchain technology? ArcBlock has some features to help in this aspect, these are –

  1. Cloud node – ArcBlock is built to be cloud compatible and can migrate to cloud as and when required. It achieves this using cloud node which is basically designed to be hosted on cloud services which may be one or more virtual machines or a network of cloud services synergistically forming a computing environment.
  2. Open chain access – ArcBlock will not be limited to a single chain as it is designed to be cross chain compatible across networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger and more through the use of what are known as chain adaptors.
  3. Blocklet – This is arguably ArcBlock’s best improvisation yet. It blockchain for ArcBlock is basically layered on top of a chain of Blocklets which facilitates transmission of data to the below layers including the client.

The network itself will be fuelled by ArcBlock tokens which is the currency within the network. ArcBlock provides libraries for developers to use and build decentralized applications on ArcBlock and developers will in turn be awarded with these tokens.

When it comes to the future, ArcBlock seems to have a concrete roadmap in place. They have plenty of milestones to work towards and keep them on their toes. To ensure the currency does not suffer from inflation, the hard cap has been kept pretty low. Milestones have been defined starting from the first quarter of 2017 all the way up to the first quarter of 2019. However, an MVP is yet to be released and this would really put them on the map.

Compared to a lot of the other ICO’s, the whitepaper written for ArcBlock is extensive, detailed and explains their vision and ideas as to how they will resolve most of the issues that are currently faced by blockchain technologies. The document gets technical when required, but it can still be read through by a lay person to a vast extent and comprehended.

The ArcBlock team

The team behind ArcBlock is highly qualified and capable. Firstly, there is Robert Mao who is a highly experienced developer and also the co – founder of pixomobile.

FlavienCharlon–Expertising in cloud computing, specifically well versed with Microsoft azure. He was one of the founders of coinprism which was one of the first blockchain start-ups in the history of blockchain.

Jean Chen – Chen is responsible for marketing and is thoroughly experienced in the Chinese markets in particular. He should receive most credit for making ArcBlock known amongst the Chinese and other international markets. Chen is still actively engaged in marketing ArcBlock and spreading word about how it will overcome most traditional blockchain challenges and how it is the first blockchain 3.0 platform.

Joe Wallin – Wallin is the legal expert and advisor for ArcBlock. Working out of Seattle, Wallin advises on legal matters which govern the mass adoption of ArcBlock across the world.

The core team seems to have mostly worked with Microsoft at one point or the other. Some were even researchers within Microsoft.


The biggest problems we see in blockchains as on date are scalability, cross chain support, a lack of features and are in general very difficult to use for the non-tech savvy. These are real world problems, and if ArcBlock can make their vision come true then they will be overcoming such issues and revolutionizing blockchain technology as we know it. However, it is quite obvious that the token associated with the network will become highly valuable. Provided that the ICO will sell tokens for just over half a dollar per token, we thing this is a no – brainer. Investing in ArcBlock at this time is without a doubt a very smart move to make.

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