A digital bank is what Bankera are hoping to achieve through their Initial Coin Offering, complete with a range of digital banking services too.

Token Sale ended
28 Feb, 2018
$221,400,000 (100%)

Bankera Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$221,400,000 (100%)
1 BNK = 0.0213 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
29,000,000 USD
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
Team Members

Pros & Cons

  • Large mass market appeal across the banking sector
  • Lots of small and large investors already investing
  • Making huge inroads into the digital banking generation
  • Gigantic potential for long term growth
  • High tech business with a high tech approach
  • Digital baking services offered to a digital generation
  • Very realistic funding goal that is well on the way to being achieved
  • Planning to launch some imaginative digital banking products
  • Roadmap well designed and easily achievable
  • Rock solid team in place


Bankera are making great strides in regards to offering a range of digital banking services that are aimed at the blockchain embracing general public.


If there is ever going to be a right time to launch a brand new digital type of banking service, then it is now, for with interest in cryptocurrencies, digital assets and tokens and coins being at their highest, and with more and more people getting involved in ICO’s and token generation events, there is a huge market place out there for a new digital focussed bank.

That is exactly what Bankera are planning, and having launched their ICO it is proving to be a hugely successful one with many people and investors the world over buying up their tokens to help fund the launch of the digital Bankera bank.

Obviously banking is a very highly regulated industry and as such there are going to be some regulatory procedures and hurdles that Bankera are going to have to pass and jump over, however they do have one of the most impressive teams backing the project so that should be a breeze.

If you are something of a nervous investor in ICO’s but do want to take part in one that isn’t going to break the bank in regards to the initial price of tokens and coins, then I think that Bankera may just be one suited to your investment needs.


There is no getting away from the very obvious fact, that for any ICO to be successful, especially one that is based around a banking service, the team that are driving that project forward need to be the best in the business As such below is an overview of the main people involved in both the Bankera ICO and the project itself.


  • Vytautas Karalevičius (CEO)

    Vytautas is currently completing a Ph.D. in Cryptocurrencies at KU Leuven University in Belgium. Prior to that, he received an MPhil degree in Finance from Cambridge University. He has interned at Bloomberg (London office).

  • Mantas Mockevicius (CCO)

    Mantas has more than eight years of experience in managing operations and compliance for electronic and digital money exchanges. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and master’s degree in Finance.

  • Justas Dobiliauskas (CTO)

    Justas has nine years of experience in developing software for medium and large financial institutions as well as five years of experience working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He is an expert in P2P technologies and holds a master’s degree in Information Systems Security.

  • Craig Grant (VP for Business Development)

    Craig has experience in the payment processing industry including three years at Skrill (now a part of the Paysafe Group) as a senior business development manager.

  • Susana Wessling (UX/UI Designer)

    Susana has over five years of experience in web and graphic design. Before coming to Bankera, she had worked on designing social networks for start ups. Now Susana will assist us with Bankera’s website development and will help to ensure its usability, design, and overall user experience and, in turn, will help the company to get one step closer to becoming the bank for the blockchain era.

  • Egle Eidimtaite (VP for Business Development)

    Egle has 3+ years of experience in business development from the e-gaming industry. Before entering the corporate world she worked at the European Parliament.


Every now and then an Initial Coin Offering will come along that does instantly make a lasting impression on investors, and it is those that have a solid idea behind them but ones that are unique and have the obvious potential to be successful that will soon achieve their funding gals.

It does have to be sad that Bankera is one of those investment opportunities that only come along once in a while, and with their digital banking concept appealing to the next generation of investors, and those already familiar with digital currencies, it has proven to be a runaway success.

It is of course not an easy thing to achieve, launching a complete digital bank, for there are a lot of regulatory procedures to be achieve, however Bankera have a solid roadmap in place and one that to be fair with the right people behind the scenes should be quite easy to achieve.

If it is finance and banking that does appeal to you, then I would urge you to spend some time looking over not only the road map of Bankera but also their whitepaper, for a great deal of thought, time and effort has been put into it, which is always good to see.

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