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The aim of the Debitum ICO is to help fund the start up and ongoing phases of a small business lending finance service.

Token Sale ended
25 Feb, 2018
$20,000,000 (100%)

Debitum Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$20,000,000 (100%)
1 DEB = 0.29 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
1,200,000 USD (30% BONUS)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
0.05 ETH / TBA
Token Issue
Team Members

Pros & Cons

  • Solves a well known and often experienced problem for SME’s
  • Potential for some short and long term return on investments
  • Proven concept and one that is being embraced by small businesses
  • Huge potential marketplace aiming for the 70% of SME’s that does not have access to funding
  • Helps small and medium sized businesses quickly and easily find their funding requirements
  • Large take up of their initial coin offering by investors
  • Well designed, planned and executed whitepaper and roadmap
  • Sensible and very well throughout bonus format and structure
  • Solid team backing the project
  • Long term growth potential and reliable income streams


Debitum is aiming to solve the credit gap being experienced by worldwide SME’s by making available and distributing the funding requirements to small and medium sized enterprises.


It is quite rare to come across an ICO that has chosen to adopt and embrace an ERC-223 Ethereum token as the one that are launching with, for many ICO’s have chosen to stick with the much more established and utilized ERC-20 token instead.

However, Debitum are going with the ERC-223 token and it is now for sale during their initial coin offering. It is probably thanks to their very experienced and forward thinking team as to why they have chosen that particular token for their team is experience and is committed to making the concept work.

That concept is quite a simple one, for they are aiming to financial products and services to small businesses that may be experiencing problems accessing financial help fund their operations by the more standard channels.

When looking for an ICO to invest in, but one that is completely finance related it is the team and the feasibility of the company that is going to make or break it, and there is a lot to like about the team that are backing and in place at Debitum, who have many collective years of experience in the world of small business finance.


You do have to look long and hard into the team that are bang any project that is being funded by an ICO, for it can often be that team who are going to add added value of the project, and with that in mind below are the main members of the Debitum team and an overview of their experience too.


  • Eyal Hertzog (Co-founder of bancor / crypto advisor)

    Since 2014 Eyal has been working in the cryptocurrency space, beginning with AppCoin, empowering local communities with local currencies, and now Bancor Protocol, an on-chain, fully decentralized conversion solution between tokens connected to the network, through a low-cost, perpetual and adjustable smart contract liquidity mechanism.

  • Tadas Langaitis (Investor relations advisor)

    Tadas Langaitis is one of first Level III CFA certified professionals in the Baltic region, he has been a partner at an investment bank and investment funds, worked in the first VC fund in the Baltic states. Tadas has been a co-founder of many successful companies, including a large international IT company Nortal. He also co-founded multiple successful non-profit organizations, community, and civic movements. Tadas is a seasoned business angel and a prominent member of parliament today.

  • Andrius Bogdanovičius (Risk assessment advisor)

    Andrius Bogdanovičius is leading a Creditinfo bureau in Lithuania for more than 10 years. Creditinfo helps financial institutions, telecommunication companies and other entities in Lithuania to take on crediting solutions. Andrius is also a chairman of financial service companies association FINCO as well as a member of Creditinfo Eesti (Estonia) and Kreditinformacijas Birojs (Latvia) supervisory board.

  • Andrius Nikitinas (International business development advisor)

    As an Attache for commercial relationships with 3 countries Andrius represents Lithuania at the highest levels of Diplomatic activity including meeting with Heads of State and senior officials/politicians. Andrius is the longest servicing Commercial Attache from the Baltic States to the UK. This is due to being successful in fostering trade between the UK and Lithuania.

  • Michael Ricks (Financial services advisor)

    Michael is a fintech innovator, building new businesses in factoring, mobile payment, alternative asset financing, insurance, and risk management. He has been a country, regional and global leader and partner in the financial services practices of three of the “Big Four” consultancies, as well as a partner in a London investment bank. Government and industry seek his advice on cyber security. He is an active business angel and board member, accompanying firms from startup through the exit.

  • Peter Howitt (Legal advisor)

    Peter is a UK qualified, and Gibraltar admitted lawyer and founder of Ramparts, a European law firm based in Gibraltar with experience in e-gaming, e-payments, FinTech, DLT, and Blockchain. Peter advises clients on Coins and Token sales as well as regulated financial services. Peter combines his legal know-how and experience with a pioneering ‘can-do’ attitude and an ability to spot the opportunities in the intersection between business, technology, and regulation.


Money they say makes the world go round, and as anyone who does run any size of company will already know, there are always going to be times when it may be necessary to borrow money to help grow a business or simply be able to fulfil current orders.

The finance marketplace is a proven one, but it does have to be said that it is always one in which there are a lot of businesses already involved in it, many of which have their own unique way of lending to businesses that are in need of finance.

As such I never get overly excited when I come across any finance related Initial Coin Offering such as the one that Debitum are holding, for I do tend to see many of them available, but there are plenty of investors who look at such ICO’s as ones they do wish to invest in.

A well thought out business concept, much more so when aimed at the business lending marketplace is often regarded as a good investment, as long as all steps are taken to protect investor’s funds, and also in a way that does allow for some decent returns on investment.

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