A range of services including inventory management tools are what the EximChain ICO was helping to fund and they also offer a range of other applications too.

Token Sale ended
13 Feb, 2018
$20,000,000 (100%)

EximChain Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$20,000,000 (100%)
1 EXC = 0.33 USD
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Team Members
Blockchain Service

Pros & Cons

  • Basic concept but one with huge potential
  • Aims to offer a low cost and cost effective concept
  • Should have a large take up of investors
  • Appeal or a cross market section
  • Easy to understand and utilize concept
  • Potential for long and short term returns
  • Good team already in place
  • Realistic token price and funding aims and goals
  • Has proven to be popular with early investors
  • White paper very easy to understand and well designed too


With cryptocurrencies becoming an important payment system the EximChain ICO was raising funds to help them launch their range of management and payment tools and systems.


The cryptocurrency environment has of course seen the launch of a large number of ICO’s that are actually based on ideas and concepts that in some way are working with the blockchain and offer a range of different services too.

That is something that EximChain planned to do with their ICO which as being used to help them achieve their funding requirement to help them then progress with the launch of a range of different services based on the blockchain that many different companies are bound to ant to use and will find of interest.

In nutshell what EximChain are is a software development company and one that is focused on supply chain applications.

The range of services they will be offering as they move forward with their project is of course very wide, diverse and varied but they include offering a supplier credit to inventory management symbols and also to help all businesses connect and just as importantly transact, and share information more efficiently and securely.


I always want to know more about the team that is leading any ICO and business concept before investing any funds in an ICO and as such below you will find an overview of the team that is driving and leading EximChain forward.


  • Hope Liu (Co-Founder & CEO)
  • Juan Sebastian Huertas (Co-Founder & CTO)
  • Jian Xu (Business Architect)
  • Jia Zhang (Business Analyst)
  • Louis Lamia (Director of Engineering)
  • Douglas Sanchez (Director of Product)


The EximChain ICO is now over, done and complete, however if you are interested in buying their tokens then you will find that they are available as you would expect and various different digital currency exchanges and they are now finding their own true value.

However, let me give you a little more insight in regards just how they structured their ICO as that will allow you to compare the value of their tokens with what they are now currently worth, if you are thinking of investing in their concept and tokens.

You are going to have to look for their ticker of course if you wish to look them up on any digital currency exchange and that ticker is EXC Token, much in line with all other ICO’s that are based on the Ethereum network and blockchain they opted to launch an ERC2 token which most investors are fully conversant with.

The ICO Token Price was set at 1 EXC = 0.33 and they did set the goal quite high in regards to their funding goal which was $20,000,000, and the only other information you will require of course is just how many tokens they generated and that total as 150,000,000of them.

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