It will be a peer to peer lending platform that will be achieved once FintruX have achieved their start up funding goal through their Initial Coin Offering.

Token Sale ended
28 Feb, 2018
$25,000,000 (100%)

FintruX Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$25,000,000 (100%)
1 FTX = 0.63 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
11,850,000 USD (UP TO 10% BONUS)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
0.1 ETH / 1000 ETH
Blocked Countries

Pros & Cons

  • Basic concept but one with huge potential
  • Aims to offer a low cost and cost effective solution to peer to peer lending
  • Gets rid of the middlemen fees and charges that often makes lending costly
  • Allows both lenders and borrowers to be matched up seamlessly
  • Easy to understand and utilize lending platform
  • Potential for long and short term returns
  • Appeals to both the next generation digital currency users and individuals
  • Realistic token price and funding aims and gals
  • Has proven to be popular with early investors
  • White paper very easy to understand and well designed too


FintruX aim to offer a global peer to peer lending platform and ecosystem that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain with no code development to hold them or their customers back.


I have seen many ICO’s come and go over the last few years, and whilst some of them do look good on paper, it is only once they achieve their financing goals and they start operating the business or concept backing that ICO that you discover if you really did make a sound decision investing in them.

The beauty and main attraction of the FintruX ICO is that the market sector they are hoping to target is one that has been around for time and eternity, and that is they are aiming to offer a peer to per lending platform that is going to help both established but smaller businesses and businesses that are looking for start up capital achieve their funding and financing requirements.

With interest rates across the globe being at an all time low, anyone who does have spare funds to invest are going to be looking at ways they can do so that ensures their money is not at too much risk and ways that ensures they do get a good return on their investments too.

I have had a good read through to the FintruX white paper and their roadmap, and if they do manage to secure the financing they require from that ICO, which they are on target to do, there is a good chance their business model and concept will be warmly embraced.


Without further ado, let me now move onto giving you an insight into the team that are backing FintruX, please also feel free to do your own research on each of the following team members as that way you will discover what qualities they have and what else they bring to the project.


  • Nelson Lin

    Nelson pioneered online credit adjudication for the asset-based finance and leasing industry in Canada as mentioned in the book ‘Unstoppable’ published 2014 by Beth Parker and endorsed by the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association (CFLA). He has over thirty years of experience delivering numerous custom enterprise applications to global organizations such as J.P. Morgan, AT&T Capital, etc.

  • Conrad Lin

    Completing a degree specializing in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Toronto, Conrad is deeply in tune with social marketing and outreach. He defines long-term marketing goals and short-term tactics, builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals, and maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

  • Ng Eng Ho

    Eng Ho is the Chairman of Zweec Analytics and is also a director of China Taisan Technology and TNG (Asia) Limited. He has served in top management positions in large corporations including Singapore Technologies Telmedia, PT Indosat Tbk, and Keppel Telecommunications and Transportation Ltd. He was director of Alvarion Ltd and Mencast Holdings. His extensive network creates long term shareholder value.

  • Yew Poh Leong

    YP grew Dun & Bradstreet Software from 15 to over 250 employees as a managing director in Asia. He has provided business solutions and services to well-known corporations including Telekom Malaysia, Hong Kong Telecom, PLDT, Communications Authority of Thailand, Shell, Prudential, AIG, Starwood, Minolta, National Panasonic, Sony, Aiwa, Standard Chartered Bank, Malayan Banking, Bank of China, etc.


Peer to Peer lending is of course be no stretch of the imagination a new concept, but it has always been a way for people looking for an investment opportunity that can and often does achieve some much higher returns on investment.

Therefore if it is the finance market sector that you are looking to invest in and you are quite happy to take your chances with an ICO then I certain wouldn’t put you off making an investment in the FintruX ICO, for the price of their tokens are not what anyone could call expensive or even overpriced.

The white paper is worth a read, for having read probably hundreds of them over the last year or so, they have made a real effort to ensure that all investors are going to find out how their concept works and what their long term aims and goals are.

Just make sure that you do compare what FintruX is offering with some similar Initial Coin Offerings, for as I have already mentioned peer to peer lending is not a new idea and there are quite a number of other companies that are launching some quite similar concepts through ICO’s.

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