The aim of the Friendz ICO is to help fund and launch is a tool that lets multinational companies involve a growing community of different users on social networks for marketing purposes.

Token Sale ended
21 Mar, 2018
$50,300,000 (100%)

Friendz Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$50,223,386 (100%)
1 FDZ = 0.0670 USD
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
0.1 ETH / TBA
Team Members
Blocked Countries

Pros & Cons

  • Genuine appeal to the targeted sector
  • Low cost tokens with growth potential
  • Very experienced team secure and in place
  • Realistic funding goal that is well on the way to being achieved
  • Roadmap is very clearly compiled and structured
  • One of the more unique and appealing concepts
  • Huge interest and take up so far achieved by their tokens
  • Appeals to first time and experience ICO investors
  • Very active team on social media
  • Another solid ERC-20 Ethereum token based ICO


By offering rewards for the input of content creators lots of companies are going to be benefiting from the platform offer by Friendz and will massively increase their social media presence too.


It is one thing being a social media influencer or one who produces a lot of unique content, but being able to monetize your output is something that is very had to achieve.

However, that is what Friendz is aiming to address, for they are launching one of the most imaginative products that being their platform that will allow everyone on it to earn rewards.

They have been very busy working behind the scenes to ensure that they do have a steady stream of companies willing to embrace and take onboard their social media rewards project and as such this is going to be an ICO that should get a lot of attention, probably much more so on social media, for the reasons outlined above!


They do say that a small but select and very experienced team is what can make or break any company or business, and as such let me now give you a brief overview of the team that are driving the Friendz ICO and concept forward


  • Alessandro Cadoni (Co-Founder)
  • Cecilia Nostro (Co-Founder)
  • Daniele Scaglia (Co-Founder)


The idea of advertising on social media is of course nothing new, however the concept being offered by the Friendz platform does certainly warrant a much closer inspection, for they do after all have a tried and tested concept and one that is being embraced by both users and advertisers too.

The key to any successful ICO however is the way in which it is being rolled out, and whether there is going to be the potential to grow the actual business that is behind the ICO after it has launched.

This is certainly one of the more unique ICO’s that I have come across, but I have to admit I have seen some quite similar but not identical ones to the one Friendz is offering, so do weigh up the risks associated with investing in it if it is one that does excite you.

The initial cost of any ICO’s tokens is something you should also factor into any investment strategy too as is the actual number of coins or tokens you are going to buy, but as is always the case with any ICO that could return some large profits on investment funds the sooner you do invest in this one the better, if of course it does tick all of the right boxes on your checklist of wants and demands that is!

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