A complete decentralised payment system is what is being offered by the Havven ICO and their platform uses a range of unique tools to help achieve its goal.

Token Sale ended
6 Mar, 2018
$30,000,000 (100%)

Havven Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$30,000,000 (100%)
1 HAVVEN = 0.05 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
NO / 5000 USD
Team Members
Blocked Countries

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to understand concept and one with huge growth potential too
  • Experienced team working for and advising the ICO
  • Soft cap should be achieved fairly soon after ICO launch
  • Targeting an interesting and competitive market sector
  • Very easy to achieve and understand roadmap and concept
  • Not a very expensive of overpriced token
  • Mass appeal to all levels of investors
  • Well thought roadmap and white paper
  • Built around the ERP-2 Ethereum token
  • Whitepaper is very well designed and throughout


Seamless payment systems that can be integrated into several different platforms is what many businesses are looking for and that is exactly what Havven are going to be offering.


I am aware that quite a number of companies are looking for a way of accepting a range of different payment options to process their customers and clients payments.

That is much more so when it comes to accepting payments using cryptocurrencies, and as such I think that Havven is going to be a company many such business are going to be interested in using the services of.

What they are planning is offering such companies a very seamless way of integrating a cryptocurrency based type of payment system, and as such it will be very easy for such companies to then accept payments via cryptocurrencies in a seamless way.

It if course the cost of processing such transactions that will need to be factored into any companies long term business strategy, but those charges are going to be negligible to customers using Havven.


Let me now give you an insight into the all important team that is working tirelessly behind the scenes to make Havven a success.


  • Kain Warwick (Founder )

    Before launching Havven, Kain built the largest cryptocurrency payment platform in Australia, with tens of millions in transaction volume.

  • Justin Moses (CTO)

    Justin is director of engineering at MongoDB and has significant experience designing and deploying high availability systems at scale.

  • Jordan Momtazi (VP Partnerships)

    Jordan has extensive experience in sales and business development in online payments, he structured numerous enterprise deals while at PayPal.

  • Tim Bass (Project Lead)

    Tim is the CEO of Block8 and has a background in system design. He was a part of the winning team at the Consensus 2017 Hackathon.

  • Samuel Brooks

    Blockchain Lead – Sam is an electrical and software engineer with expertise in blockchain systems and he won the Consensus 2017 Hackathon.


I wasn’t that impressed when I set about learning what Havven were offering, for I have to say I have seen and heard it all before, and as such I was put off taking part in their ICO.

However having said all of that I would never put you or anyone else of investing in any ICO they do find appealing!

It is the fact that they do not have something unique on offer as to why I wasn’t that interested in their initial coin offering, for I have seen more than enough cryptocurrencies and tokens going live over the years and have also seen plenty of unique wallets and payment systems too.

However, if you do like the concept and idea that is fully supporting Havven and find the people behind the concept worthy of an investment then the sooner you do so of course the sooner you are going to be able to lock in the lock price of their tokens, for they my just take off of course!

Spend some time taking a good look over their website could be my advice for there is no getting away from the fact everything is very clearly laid out for potential investors and you do get a good and very clear indication of exactly how they are going to progress once their funding goal has been met, which may be met rather quickly!

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