Huobi Token

Huobi Token

A blockchain based loyalty program is being offer to investors that take part in the Huobi Token Initial Coin Offering.

Huobi Token
Token Sale ended
28 Feb, 2018

Huobi Token Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
1 HT = 1.52 USD
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
100 USD / 100000 USD
Token Issue
Loyalty and Rewards

Pros & Cons

  • Offers and brand new concept in rewards and loyal based programs
  • Tokens can be traded against other coins and tokens
  • A well thought-out business strategy and whitepaper
  • Easy to acquire Huobi Tokens ensuring a large take up of them
  • Roadmap very easy to understand and achieve
  • One of the more unique Initial Coin Offerings
  • Wide reaching appeal to forward looking companies offering loyalty schemes
  • Aiming to launch a purpose built digital wallet
  • Does appeal to the end user and the next generation of consumer too
  • Hard-capped total number of tokens available


Huobi Token aim to take the rewards and loyalty market sector into the digital age by offering their own blockchain powered loyalty program.


Ask any business owner what is going to make or break their business over the long term and they will tell you it is the loyalty of their customers, and also their ability at attracting new customers too.

Even the most loyal of customers are likely to be tempted to shop or buy goods somewhere else if they are being given something extra by another company. That is one thing that Huobi Token is hoping to address through their concept which is being made possible by their current ICO.

The wholes idea that is behind Huobi Token is a loyalty based system that is backed by the blockchain. However, what they do need to ensure they do in my opinion, is to ensure that customers of any business that are using the Huobi Token system and platform have a full and complete understanding of how it works and operates.

The reason I say that is that as soon as you mention the world blockchain to most people their eyes can roll and they will not have a clue of what it is or how it works.

However, having said that and having seen the whitepaper and roadmap of Huobi Token that is something that they are looking at addressing to make their loyalty based system one that is embraced by as many users and businesses as is possible.


Whilst it is of course the project and business idea that is going to give you an indication as to whether an ICO is going to be worth investing it, the team that are backing it and working behind that scene is also important.

However, sadly I have been unable to find any information on the team backing this ICO and project and as such I would advise investors to proceed with caution if they are planning investing in it.


An Initial Coin Offering that is targeting the loyalty and rewards market sector can often find it quite difficult to achieve their funding goals, for not many investors are of the mind that such concepts are going to actually achieve their long term aims and goals.

If you are interested in investing in the Huobi Token ICO then I would strongly suggest you spend some time looking over the way the token distribution has been designed, for with the vast majority of their tokens being given away for free, whether it is a profitable concept in the making does need to be determined.

I try not to put people off investing in any ICO that does appeal to them and whilst I personally would not have any excitement or inclination to invest in the Huobi Token ICO, if you run a business that does value their customers and sees the potential in their rewards and loyalty based concept, then it may be worth taking a closer look at.

But at the end of the day any investments you do make, either small are large are down to you and you alone, but as I have said this isn’t one that would tend to get me overly excited.

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