Insights Network

Insights Network

The Insights Network is nothing more complicated than a blockchain based data exchange that is going to permit individuals to manage and monetize the data they create in a liquid, real time data marketplace.

Insights Network
Token Sale ended
9 Feb, 2018
$17,400,000 (100%)

Insights Network Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$17,376,260 (100%)
Sold on Pre-sale
9,300,000 USD (5%)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Team Members
Blockchain Service

Pros & Cons

  • Targeting a well established and active industry
  • Unique concept with mass market appeal
  • Very low cost tokens on offer
  • Worldwide appeal for their concept
  • Well written white paper
  • Roadmap has been given a lot of thought
  • Potential for longevity and steady income streams
  • Know your customer requirements
  • Possible additional income streams
  • Experienced team and solid and provable business idea


A date exchange is what the Insights Network ICO is helping to fund and allows users to manage as well as monetize the data they have created.


An online brokerage type of service is probably the best description I can give for Insights Network, for their platform allows users to compile their own specific date, which can then be sold to other companies that are interested in buying such data.

Their ICO did raise a fair amount of cash, as they quite sensibly set themselves via their ICO some very realistic goals.

Data of all types is of course what many companies and businesses are seeking, especially those that are involved in marketing and advertising, and as such there is the long term potential for growth and a mass take up of their brokerage service.

Keep in mind that as the ICO is now over and complete you will have to buy their tokens on the open market place and as such the price of their tokens are now going to be set as is always the case after an ICO, by supply and demand.


No company or business is going to succeed if they do not have a rock solid and extremely experienced team behind it and below are the main members of the Insights Network team.


  • Brian Gallagher (Cofounder & CEO)
  • Darwin Lo (Cofounder & CTO)
  • Brandan Zaucha (Cofounder, BD & Community)
  • Sebastián León (Lead Wallet Developer)
  • Kurt Nielsen, PhD (Strategy & Operations)
  • Jesper Buus Nielsen, PhD (Research Scientist)
  • Peter Frands Frandsen (Technical Director)
  • Michael Bax, PhD (Smart Contract Lead Developer)
  • Dylan Herman (Blockchain Developer)

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The actual breakdown in regard to the way that tokens are distrusted by any ICO is of course important, as too of course is the actual concept behind the ICO.

Whilst there is not getting away from the fact that there is bound to be a great deal of interest in the Insights Network business concept which is fairly unique especially in the blockchain environment, let me give you some idea of how their token distribution was designed.

They had a total maximum cap on the crowd sale of their tokens of 22,000 Ether, and 5% of their tokens were to be sold via a pre-sale.

A total of 30% of the tokens were retained by their team and set of advisers and 30% was also minted for the ecosystem data providers, and a total of 35% of them were allocated to the public crowd sale. You will have to find a digital currency exchange that has their tokens for sale if you wish to now invest in Insights Networks with the ICO now being over and complete.

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