IP Exchange

IP Exchange

The concept behind the IP Exchange ICO is to launch a blockchain based system that is fully automated, that allows for the full clearing of utility tokens and then determining and achieving the  price and distribution based on offer and demand for IPs.

Token Sale ended
5 May, 2018

IP Exchange Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
1 IPSX = 0.0126 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
5,400,000 USD (MAX DISCOUNT LEVEL 30%)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue
5 MARCH 2018
Blocked Countries

Pros & Cons

  • Very experienced team who have a proven track record
  • Robust whitepaper and roadmap
  • Quite a reasonable conversion rate to Ethereum
  • There is a gap in the market for such a concept
  • Soft cap goal should be quickly achieved
  • Concept uses a proven and often profitable market sector
  • Does have long term potential growth opportunities
  • Potential for ongoing growth
  • Hassle free purchase of coins
  • Lots on interest from early investors


A platform and blockchain on which everything a cryptocurrency user or ICO is looking to achieve is what the concept behind the IP Exchange is all about.


You need to take a step back and ask yourself whether there is really the need for another cryptocurrency exchange, and if so then what is going to make it a successful one, and then see just what is going to be on offer in the IP Exchange once it reaches its funding goal and then goes live.

One thing that is interesting however about the exchange that IP Exchange are planning to launch is that the team behind it does have vast experience in that industry, and as such they may be able to plug a gap in the market that no other exchange is currently filling.

The initial start up costs of such a project are of course going to be huge, however what the IP Exchange IPO is offering is an investment opportunity for all levels of investors as it has been designed with a very low cost token.

However, any cryptocurrency exchange is going to have to market itself and then build up a very loyal number of users to be financially viable over the long term  and that is something that IP Exchange are aiming to do as you will soon discover when reading through their white paper.


The team is obviously one of the most important aspects of any initial coin offering, and with that in mind let me now introduce you to the team being the IP Exchange ICO.


  • Xavier Buck (Advisor and Co-founder)
  • Sergiu Draganus (Concept Architect and Co-founder)
  • Cyrill Tröndle (Advisor)
  • Andrei Avadanei (Blockchain Security Advisor)
  • Renan Gomes (Data Scientist)
  • Patrick Allemann (Advisor)
  • Marco Houwen (Advisor)
  • Silviu Istrate (Marketing Manager)
  • Luc Seufer (Legal Advisor)

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One thing there are plenty enough of in regards to cryptocurrencies are of course exchanges, however that is what the IP Exchange ICO is going to be help funding, yet another one!

However, competition is what the digital currency exchange market place is always screaming out for, and if IP Exchange can ensure that users are not going to be paying some ridiculous amounts of cash on top of the purchase price or selling price of their digital currencies then this concept could be a successful one.

There is nothing outstanding of ultra unique about IP Exchange, and that is something to keep in mind, however there is certainly money to be made running an exchange as the number of people buying into and using cryptocurrencies for a range of different reasons is always on the increase.

If you are looking for an early level entry into what could become a successful and popular digital currency exchange then this may be the investment for you, but just keep in mind it is always going to be those business ideas that are unique and do have an excellent unique selling points that are going to be the ones that are much more likely to succeed.

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