The Lendroid concept does sound quite complicated but in essence it is going to allow people to both margin trade and short sell on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Sale ended
20 Feb, 2018
$47,500,000 (100%)

Lendroid Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$47,500,000 (100%)
1 LST = 0.0198 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
42,000,000 USD (NO BONUSES)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
TBA / 0.46 ETH
Token Issue
FEB 26

Pros & Cons

  • Multi country appeal and potential
  • Possible for short term rapid growth
  • Mass market and user appeal
  • Not an overly prices ICO
  • Very well thought out and designed white paper
  • Huge potential for ongoing growth
  • Roadmap is confidently structured
  • Large amount of interest from investors
  • Concept seems robust and easy to implement
  • Experienced team at the helm


Lendroid is going to offer a range of unique trading opportunities to be performed on the Ethereum Blockchain including short selling and margin trades.


You often have to go on something of a learning curve when you are hunt around for an ICO to invest in, for not only do you need to be aware of how much you are going to have to pay for any tokens available from an ICO but you also need to look at the actual business and concept that is behind any ICO too.

I should point out that Lendroid have now completed their ICO and as such the only way that you can now access and buy their token will be by buying them on a digital currency exchange.

However, let m give you an insight into what the Lendroid concept is. Lendroid is a 0x-inspired, non-rent seeking, trust-independent, open protocol.

That allows for a decentralized lending, margin trading and short selling platform that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore one of its main aims is to overcome the very apparent shortcomings of centralized exchanges by creating a global shared lending pool on which traders can use the borrowed funds to margin trade, make a profit, and repay the lenders.


It is always good to know who the brains are behind any ICO and any business concept too and with that in mind here are the main team members working on the Lendroid ICO and the supporting project.


  • Vignesh Sundaresan (PROJECT LEAD)
  • Paul Martens (BRAND & UX)
  • Franca Ciambella (LEGAL COUNSEL)
  • Supriya Vasu (COMS & OPS)
  • Patrick McLain (DEVOPS)
  • Vii Sundaram (TECH LEAD)
  • Galen Danziger (DEVOPS)
  • Tyler Filiatrault (COMMUNITY MANAGER)

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Whilst you have of course missed out on your chance of taking part in the Lendroid ICO, you are still in a position to purchase any quantity of their tokens, as they are no available for sale on digital currency exchanges, and as such the value you will pay for them are no based solely on supply and demand.

By taking a look at the currency value of the Lendroid tokens with the price that they became available on the initial ICO you can then make an informed decision on whether their concept is one that is being embraced.

You will of course need to have a good idea and overview of how the ICO was structured to enable you to make a well balanced decision as to whether you should invest in their tokens going forward and I will now enlighten you on how the ICO was structured and designed for Lendroid.

The ICO took place on the 19th and 20th of February 2018, and the ticket symbol for the Lendroid tokens is LST. It is the standard ERC-20 token and they set their ICO with their tokens being available to by at a cost of 1 LST = 0.0198 in regards to their funding goal that as set at $47,500,000.

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