Lympo, through its ICO is aiming to monetize both sports related data and wellness data and do so via the blockchain with rewards and incentives to users.

Token Sale ended
28 Feb, 2018
$12,100,000 (100%)

Lympo Info

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Fundraising Goal:
$12,100,000 (100%)
1 Lym = 0.0236 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
5,500,000 USD (20% BONUS)
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Pros & Cons

  • Targeting a well established and active industry
  • Completely tailored health and wellbeing advice given to users
  • Very low cost tokens on offer
  • Worldwide appeal for their concept
  • Proving poplar with ICO investors
  • Offer lifestyle goods in exchange for data
  • Potential for long term longevity and steady income streams
  • China and USA based investors cannot take part in ICO
  • In-platform purchases increases user interest and income streams
  • Experienced team and solid and provable business idea


Lympo are well on their way to achieving a sports and health ecosystem that is completely powered by both user-generated and user-controlled data.


Keeping fit is something that the younger generation do embrace, and you only have to take a look in any gym to see the customers and users of those venues are usually quite young.

It is also very true to say that it is the younger generation that are always very interested in the very latest technology, and many of them will download apps and make use of online resources that are aimed at keeping them fit and healthy, and that is something that Lympo are aiming to cash in on.

They have a current ICO and the idea and concept that backing it is very unique, for they are aiming to collate data from users of their product that can then be used and offered to third party companies that have any type of fitness or well being product on offer.

So whilst quite a number of ICO’s are quite similar in regards to what they are offering the whole concept of Lympo is unique, and one that I do personally feel is going to be embraced by users of their platform.

As such if you are looking for a completely unique type of ICO to invest in there is a lot to like about the Lympo ICO and it is of course one that hasn’t set itself some unrealistic funding goals either.


It is of course often going to be the team that is backing any ICO and business concept that are going to make or break either the ICO or business, and with that thought at the front of your mind I shall now give you an insight into the main team at Lympo


  • Ada Jonušė (CEO and Founder)

    Co-founder of, a platform to find the best personal trainers, adviser to ETHLend, a decentralized lending platform, blockchain events speaker and organiser, named an emerging European tech star by the Financial Times, Google and other New Europe 100 list partners. Previous experience: VC Labas Ventures (Seattle, U.S.), European Parliament, United Nations. Sports: yoga, running.

  • Patrick Brown (Solution Architect)

    Blockchain and business automation expert with 2+ year of experience at Asta, a leading End-To-End professional managed IT service provider to the SMB market in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Singapore. Pat joined Asta in Melbourne, Australia, after his studies in business, management and information systems.

  • Marius Silenskis (Head of Operations)

    Founder of AnyIdeas – IT and creative advertising agency. IT project manager with 5+ years of digital project management experience working with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Newsec, and GCube. Key areas of expertise: IT team management, exceptional taste and understanding of modern design, advanced programming skills in several languages. Sports: fitness.

  • Justas Kregzde (Smart Contract Lead)

    Online gaming software developer with 12+ years experience. An author & contributor to 10 published iOS and Android games. 3+ years experience as an online poker software developer. Over the last year, he has been focusing on blockchain related projects & smart contracts.

  • Adomas Dicius (Senior Full Stack Developer)

    A travelling entrepreneur with a background in ICT engineering and 4+ years experience in full-stack development and UX design. Having worked in various start-ups, Adomas is now a co-founder and CTO at a start-up disrupting the wholesale food business industry Smackway and an independent IT consultant and developer. Sports: yoga.


There are of course no shortages of Initial Coin Offerings available, and it is often the more unusual ones that many people can be drawn towards investing in, and Lympo certainly do have a unique concept behind their Initial Coin Offering, but one that is interesting and well thought out.

The fitness and wellbeing market place is huge of course, however in regards harvesting and using the data that can be obtained from that sector, well that is something not many businesses are actively doing, so there does appear to be a gap in the market for Lympo.

However, for Lympo to have longevity they are going to have to constantly looking for new and imaginative ways to harvest such data and also find a way of successfully supplying that data to the right companies, which to be fair with their experienced team should not be too difficult.

I wouldn’t usually be attracted to investing in an Initial Coin Offering such as the one Lympo are currently holding, but I am aware that there are many people and investors who do see the benefits and potential for what they are offering.

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