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Token Sale ended
1 Feb, 2018
$24,000,000 (100%)

Medicalchain Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$23,991,953 (100%)
1 MedToken = 0.25 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
20,000,000 USD (UP TO 150% BONUS)
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
$10 / 4.6685 ETH
UK based company
Healthcare industry

Pros & Cons

  • Platform for securely storing electronic medical records on blockchain
  • Platform for patients to get in touch with medical professionals
  • Single point of reference for the patient to reach any medical professional anywhere in the world
  • Safe storage
  • Privacy control in the hand of the patient
  • Pre – sale already closed
  • Future vision very challenging and includes the coming together of medical professionals, patients, pharmacies, insurers and more
  • Highly competitive market with more such products to follow in quick succession over the coming two years
  • Regulatory challenges widespread and specific to region


Secure medical record storage and access, patient – doctor platform


  • Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti (Co - Founder)
  • Mo Tayeb (Co - Founder)
  • Vincent Biret - Chaussat (Advisor)
  • Natalie Furness (Advisor)
  • Dr Philip Xiu (Advisor)
  • Dave Ebbit (Advisor)
  • Bara Mustafa (Advisor)
  • Robert Miller (Co - Founder)
  • Dr Stewart Southey (Advisor)
  • KorneliaKoscik (Advisor)
  • Tim Robinson (Advisor)
  • Jay Povey (Co - Founder)
  • Pietro Gizzi (Advisor)
  • Louis Agha – Mir – Salim (Advisor)
  • Dr Tiam Feridooni (Advisor)
  • Dr Ivan Guevara (Advisor)
  • Eddy Travia (Advisor)
  • Dominik Zynis (Advisor)
  • Prof Robert C. Miller (Advisor)
  • Dr Dominik Schlosshan (Advisor)
  • Paolo Barrai (Advisor)
  • Richard Hadfield (Advisor)
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Medicalchain is not your typical crypto blockchain or network. As the name suggests, Medicalchain is targeted at the healthcare industry and might just revolutionize healthcare. Thousands of deaths every year are attributed to medical error, and initiatives like Medicalchain will go a long way in curbing such occurrences.

Medicalchain essentially uses the decentralized blockchain technology to store electronic medical records of patients from all over the globe and seeks to be the single source of these records. Access to these records will be permitted and regulated, typically doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories can request access to these records and so can the patient himself or herself. Another excellent feature inherently available to the patient is that he or she gets to set the privacy levels and controls of their information as they wish. Transactions, like in most decentralized blockchains, will be recorded on the public ledger and verified.

Apart from being a single point repository for all electronic medical records, Medicalchain will also be a platform where a patient can contact a medical professional from anywhere in the world with ease and in a timely manner. The professional can then acquire the medical record in a matter of minutes and provide consultation, prescriptions, diagnosis and so on (which will then be added as a transaction into the medical record itself).

The vision of Medicalchain is to digitize health records and empower users so as to leverage countless industry synergies.

The Medicalchain team

Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti is the main man behind the initiative and his core team includes Mo Tayeb, Jay Povey and Robert Miller Jr.

Albeyatti, the founder of Medicalchain, had identified a vastly predominant issue in the healthcare industry wherein clinical notes that were being recorded for patients and then transmitted to the family doctor was leading to interpretive, subjective and other errors due to the fact that they were written in freeform text by doctors. Being well versed with the cryptocurrency universe and decentralized blockchain technology, Albeyatti put two and two together to come up with an ingenious solution for such errors which many times prove to be fatal to the patient.

Albeyatti and his team, in quarter 1 of 2016, came up with a platform called discharge summary which is now already in production in several healthcare organizations across the United Kingdom. Medicalchain is now designed to be an improvisation of discharge summary which will utilize blockchain based technology to allow for even better access, verification, security and privacy control.

The entire ecosystem will then be fueled by MedTokens. MedTokens are the currency on Medicalchain and patients can gain these tokens by allowing applications on the platform access to their electronic medical records.


The idea of digitizing and decentralizing electronic medical records has been played with by several other companies before, however, it is safe to say that no one has taken it as far as Medicalchain has. The planning, the strategy, the network architecture, the tokens, the blockchain and the platform has been very well planned and has been synergistically put together to make for a complete electronic medical record solution along with an excellent and fluidic platform to facilitate patient – doctor communications wherein you can reach out to a doctor anywhere in the world in a matter of mere minutes.

Given the solidarity of the blockchain and the concept in totality, investing in MedTokens is most certainly a great idea especially considering the fact that it will be sold at just 0.20 USD per each MedToken during the Initial Coin Offering.

The movement has gotten well deserved momentum and traction ever since Medicalchain was invited to the Financial Times Digital Health Summit which took place in New York City in October of 2017. This was a great launch pad for the blockchain which is now starting to get a lot of recognition all over the world.

For more details, technical specs, and everything else, a read through the white paper will certainly answer all your questions.

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