The concept behind the Metronome ICO is quite a simple one, and that is to launch a brand new cryptocurrency that offers things no other before it has to offer users.

Token Sale ends on
23 Jan, 2019

Metronome Info

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Fundraising Goal:
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Pros & Cons

  • Offers and brand new concept
  • Tokens can be easily bought using an Ethereum based wallet
  • A well thought-out business strategy and whitepaper
  • Easy to acquire Tokens ensuring a large take up of them
  • Roadmap very easy to understand and achieve
  • One of the more unique Initial Coin Offerings
  • Wide reaching appeal to forward looking investors
  • Long and short terms growth potential
  • Does appeal to the end user and the next generation of consumer too
  • Should soon reach soft cap


It is hoped that once the funding goal is achieved by Metronome they can then fully impellent their brand new cryptocurrency that is going to offer an alternative to those currently available.


As you are soon going to discover, if you want to set about launching your very own cryptocurrency in the form of a token or coin, then that is something that you are very easily going to be able to do, and as such any company that is launching an ICO to do just that isn’t going to get much attention from investors.

However, what is interesting about the Metronome business plan is that their cryptocurrency is going to be unique and have a range of built in tools on the platform and blockchain it is attached too.

As such if that is a market sector that you are most interesting in investing in then I would advise you to take a look through the white paper on the Metronome CIO website for it is actually very interesting what they have planned and are developing by their own unique cryptocurrency.


In the next section of this review of the Metronome ICO I am going to be giving you an insight into the main team members that are going to be driving the concept forward.


  • Jeff Garzik (CEO and Co-Founder, Chief Designer)
  • Matthew Roszak (Chairman and Co-Founder)
  • Peter Vessenes (Chief Cryptographer)
  • Ryan Condron (Principal Engineer)
  • Troy Benjegerdes (Principal Engineer)
  • Jordan Kruger (Data Scientist)
  • Gabriel Montes (Engineering Lead)
  • Felix Enriquez (Software Engineer)
  • Ignacio Anaya (Software Engineer)
  • Jaclyn Kramer (Marketing)
  • Dariusz Jakubowski (Community Advocate)
  • Steve Beauregard (Partnerships)

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If you do pay a visit to the Metronome website then be aware the use of adjectives is huge, and whilst it is always possible for anyone or any business to talk up a concept and business concept, strategy and idea, the way they have chosen to do so is only going to appeal to the most technically savvy investor.

There is nothing that I would say amazes me or wants me to rush to invest in Metronome, for I have heard and seen it all before, and at the end of the day if there isn’t a rock solid business concept behind any ICO, no matter how grand sounding their website may be, then I never invest a penny in it.

But it is of course going to be your decision as to whether you are going to be interested and wish to invest in their ICO, and if so then look a little closers into their team and see exactly what they are bring to the table so to speak.

Also ask yourself if there is really the need for what they are offering, and look around to see who is offering a similar concept, for when you do so you will see the market place is already flooded with such concepts, so whether this ICO is going to be one that will eventually bear fruits, does of course remain to be seen!

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