It is nothing more complicated than a fully interactive video game that is being offered by, and whether or not that interest you is of course up to you.

Token Sale ended
17 Apr, 2018
MOC 249,717,936
MOC 250,000,000 (100%)

Mossland Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
MOC 250,000,000
MOC 249,717,936 (100%)
10,000 MOC = 1 ETH
Sold on Pre-sale
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Pros & Cons

  • Should have a large take up of their initial coin offering by investors
  • Well designed, planned and executed whitepaper and roadmap
  • Sensible and very well throughout bonus format and structure
  • Solid team backing the project
  • Long term growth potential and reliable income streams
  • May take time to get established
  • Tokens could rise or fall after ICO
  • Not a wide-reaching concept
  • Ongoing development may be required
  • More targeted at high value investors


It is nothing more complicated than a fully interactive video game that is being offered by, and whether or not that interest you is of course up to you.


It is going to be in the gaming industry that will be turning their attention to fully once their ICO cap has been met, and it is always refreshing to see an ICO that is going to be offering something different and that is what they are certainly offering investors.

There is a lot of attention given to the ongoing project being proposed by, and if you are a gamer and also an investor too then this is bound to be an ICO that is going to be right up your street so to speak.

However, look a little further ahead at how they intend to grow the concept, as that way you can judge for yourself whether it does have long term potential, and looking at their white paper in conjunction with their roadmap they do have their future laid out in front of them.

The Gaming and VR market sector may be one you are willing to invest in via an ICO and if that is the case then to be able to take part in the ICO you will need to be aware of its launch date and that is March the 12th 2018,

Learn More About the ICO

It is going to be by seeing the concept that is the basis for the video game that will allow you to determine whether it is going to be an ICO worth investing in, and that is something you will get a good idea of when you watch at the following video.



  • Jeffrey Lim
  • Youngwoon Cha
  • Min Pyo Hong
  • Widjaja Tannady
  • Charles Rim
  • Sunkwan Kim


For any company or business that is designing and then going to launch a video game, everything does need to fall into place to make it a successful one, for many companies have launched such games before and they have never taken off.

As such there are going to be plenty of risks if you do decide to invest in the concept being offered via this ICO and one thing I would advise you to do is to weigh up those risks for there are no guarantees this concept will take off.

However, having said that the only way you are going to get a true feel for the concept and just what that video game is based around is by taking a good look over their website and to study their whitepaper in great detail, which is something that I would advise you to do.

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