Mother of All Tokens

Mother of All Tokens

MOAT is offering a service whereby they are going to be pre-screening Initial Coin Offerings to help investors make well balanced decisions.

Token Sale ended
23 Jun, 2018
$20,000,000 (99%)

Mother of All Tokens Info

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Fundraising Goal:
$19,897,043 (99%)
1 Moat = 0.00002607 ETH
Sold on Pre-sale
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Pros & Cons

  • Easy to understand concept and one with huge growth potential too
  • Experienced team working for and advising the ICO
  • Soft cap should be achieved soon after ICO launch
  • Targeting an interesting and competitive market sector
  • Very easy to achieve and understand roadmap and concept
  • Will need ongoing development
  • Highly target market place
  • Huge number of tokens
  • CO cap does appear high
  • Large team involved in project


MOAT is offering a service whereby they are going to be pre-screening Initial Coin Offerings to help investors make well balanced decisions.


There is nothing too technical about what the MOAT concept will be offering you, and it is I service I have longed to see as someone who does invest in initial coin offerings, and it will be of interested to many people not only investors but people who wish to use their services too.

What they are aiming to set up and launch as soon as their funding goals have been reached is an ICO vetting type service, what they will be doing is all the legwork individual investors are forced to do when deciding just which initial coin offering or token generation event to invest in.

As such, if they do proceed and get the infrastructure in place, then you will find displayed on their site only the top ICO’s all of which they have checked out to ensure they are of the quality needed by investors, and it could reduce the need for guesswork when choosing an ICO to invest in.



  • Nawid Habib (Founder & Chief Executive Officer)
  • Aleksandar Martinović (Founder & Chief Technical Officer)
  • Martin Bylsma (Chief Operational Officer)


By typing into Google the three words, initial coin offering, and when you do so you it is going to return thousands upon thousands of different ICOs that are about to launch or are in the process of launching, and it could take you days or weeks to look through and research each of them.

When and if the MOAT Token concept does reach its funding goal, they are then going to set their team to work checking out each initial coin offering and vetting them to their own pre-set criteria, and as such you are then going to be faced with a huge number of potential ICOs to invest in.

I do think that if they do go about things in the right way and do have a solid infrastructure and vetting procedure this is likely to be a service that does have great merit and is going to be used and embraced by a large number of people.

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