Allows holders to claim a share of feesthat is generated by people using the token payment service.

Token Sale ends on
21 Jul, 2019

Neonexchange Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
1 Nex = 1.00 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Chinese blockchain project
Team Members
Open to public

Pros & Cons

  • Lots of improvements being made to the existing NEO blockchain network
  • Wallet being released prior to ICO (so transferring tokens on and off the platform is not required)
  • NEX will be available to purchase using Fiat currencies in the future
  • Safe storage
  • Decentralized trading which is publicly verifiable
  • Lot of competitor ICO releases will follow soon after NEX – value might drop
  • Ether – NEX trading pair is only being made available at the end of 2018
  • Marketing and Hype build up so far has been rather underwhelming
  • No telegram chat forum available at this time


High Volume, Payment Service, Funds Management Layer, Complex Trades


  • Fabio C. Canesin (Co – founder)
  • Fabian Wahle (Co - founder)
  • Ethan Fast (Co – Founder)
  • Luciano Engel (Co – Founder)
  • Thomas Saunders (Co – Founder)
  • Nathaniel Walpole (Designer)
  • Samuel J. Mansfield (Designer)
  • David Schwartz (Developer)
  • Evgeny Boxer (Developer)
  • Carla F. de Paiva (Marketing and Public Relations)
  • Da Hongfei (Advisor)
  • Erik Zhang (Advisor)
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Overview of Nex

The number of ICOs scheduled for 2018 is rather overwhelming, and right in the thick of the action, we have Neon Exchange (NEX) which is essentially going to be a new altcoin on the highly popular, stable and well to do NEO blockchain. As opposed to most trading which occurs on centralized platforms, decentralized trading has a number of inherent advantages including transparency, trust factor, speed, security, and high liquidity, to name a few. Therefore, it is no surprise that within the crypto universe, altcoins or tokens on decentralized blockchains are being preferred to centralized systems which we believe may soon be obsolete as far as crypto is concerned.

NEX is one such decentralized platform on the NEO blockchain wherein a publicly verifiable off – chain matching algorithm will verify transactions and handle the enormous trading volume and also be able to take care of complicated purchase orders such as limit orders and such which is typically not available on centralized platforms.

NEX will, for the first time, use NEO, NEO Gas and the NEX token itself as initial trading pairs to allow for the purchase and sale of NEP -5 tokens.

NEX will utilize both on – chain and off – chain logic to fulfill trading. Effectively, it will take incoming orders via an offline wallet, and run an algorithm to match bids off – chain and then switch to on – chain to complete the transaction or purchase order.

Another unique feature offering which will be available on NEX is the fact that it can be used as a payment service and also for funds management that will in – turn facilitate smart contracts on NEO to allow for the sending and receiving of assets.

A quick and handy widget like feature that is also said to be incorporated in NEX is a Google Chrome extension which is a crypto wallet at its core. A light – weight wallet that stores altcoins off line yet allows for quick and seamless trading on the go on an ad – hoc basis.

The NEX team

The mastermind behind the offering here is a man known as Fabio Canesin. He is listed as the co – founder along with Fabian Wahle and Ethan Fast. Canesin has a masters in computational mechanics and variation multi-scale modeling. He is also behind another venture called Lemonaid Learning Analytics in Brazil and has no dearth of experience under his belt in various industries.

Fabian Wahle is no slouch and holds a PhD in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Ethan Fast is another co – founder and also a developer who is a PhD holder himself and specializes in HCI and Artificial Intelligence.


At the top of the Marketing division is a lady named Carla F. de Pavia who also manages public relations. She holds a MSc and also a couple of MBa’s. The marketing for NEX has been rather unorthodox. What we generally see prior to a crypto ICO is a lot of advertisements, forums, videos, and more being shoved down the throats of potential and targeted users and user base. However, when it comes to NEX, there isn’t even a Telegram chat forum in place. The marketing strategy here seems to be a bit different and underhand.

This might just be a case where the team is so confident in their product, that they will let the product market itself as people start to use it and realize how great it is.


The White Paper for NEX seems pretty flawless. They have planned their work, and now it is time to work the plan. The preliminary road map is well thought out and specific. With sales starting in Q1 of 2018, launch of the payment service in Q2 of 2018, MVP release trading set for Q3 of 2018, cross chain launch and margin trading scheduled for Q4 of 2018, and decentralized banking also in the horizon. There are some unique features being offered by NEX that are unprecedented so far. They check all boxes when it comes to advantages and have very few critics and cons.

Sales will start at 1 USD per NEX and we definitely recommend investing in NEX. Especially given that they will soon allow you to trade fiat directly for NEX. What more can you ask for? The coin is set to launch off and if all goes well, it is only heading in one direction – straight up!

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