Nexo is going to allow anyone looking for an overdraft or anyone wishing to use the power of their cryptocurrency holdings to be able to profit from the world of lending in a very unique way.

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28 Feb, 2024

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1 NEXO = 0.1000 USD
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Pros & Cons

  • Basic concept but one with huge potential
  • Aims to offer a low cost and cost effective concept
  • Should have a large take up of investors
  • Appeal or a cross market section
  • Easy to understand and utilize concept
  • Potential for long and short term returns
  • Good team already in place
  • Realistic token price and funding aims and goals
  • Has proven to be popular with early investors
  • White paper very easy to understand and well designed too


Nexo is offering a next generation of lending platform on which anyone seeking to get an overdraft in the form of a cryptocurrency to be able to do so in an instant type of way.


For anyone seeking access to urgent funds, you will not need me to tell you it can be both quite expensive and very time consuming to do just that.

However, Nexo really are going to make huge inroads into the lending market place with the launch of their instant overdraft concept that is seeking its start up capital right now.

Having put together a very experienced team that will drive and lead the project forward they are likely to become a major playing in that market place as long as they follow their well designed and very well thought out roadmap.

What does make this a very unique and interesting ICO and concept is that the platform used is one they have developed themselves and one that aims to give those looking for an overdraft facility and one that is quickly accessible is that it is seamless to utilize.

By keeping their funding goal to a realistic level they are hoping to attract both small and large investors that share the same view of them, that being that cryptocurrencies and financial services do go hand in hand.


I always want to know more about the team that is leading any ICO and business concept before investing any funds in an ICO and as such below you will find an overview of the team that is driving and leading Nexo forward.


  • Michael Arrington (Founder of TechCrunch/Arrington XRP Capital)

    Michael is the Founder of TechCrunch and has been consistently named one of the most powerful people on the Internet by Wired, Forbes and Time Magazine. He is currently running Arrington XRP Capital – the first digital asset management hedge fund, denominated in a cryptocurrency. Under Michael’s guidance, the fund has been heavily focused on blockchain technology and disruptive start ups.

  • Trevor Koverko (Founder of Polymath)

    Trevor is the Founder and CEO of Polymath, a platform that enables the creation, issuance and trading of financial instruments on the blockchain. He is working on bringing the multi-trillion dollar securities market to the blockchain, as well as the successful launch of compliant securities tokens for several prominent companies by providing the technological underpinning.

  • Ugo Bechis (Leading Payments & Cards Expert)

    Ugo is a leading e-payments and SEPA expert who has helped shape the regulatory framework of the banking and finance industries of the European Union. His prolific knowledge of the banking sector has been solidified at European multinational banks in areas such as M&A, Asset Management, Payment Processing, Card Issuance Schemes and Corporate Governance.


The world of finance and money lending is one that is going to attract quite a number of investors, but at the end of the day you do need to think long and hard as to whether any ICO that is aimed at essentially offering people access to funds as their business concept is going to be successful over the long term.

Just like when you invest in initial coin offerings and token generation events, lending money is also going to have risks associated with it, and you only have to see the effects of an economic downturn for those risks to become very apparent.

However, if you are prepared to take risks then the return on your investment should be great, if of course whatever it is you are investing in is very well run, operated to the highest standards and complies with the many different regulations that all finance related companies are legally obliged to do so.

Nexo however does have some solid backers, an excellent roadmap and white papers and they do have some very experienced people at the helm, and as such it may be worth having a punt on them to succeed, for there is a very good chance that they will do and that will then see your investment bearing fruit which is of course what you will be hoping it does of course!

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